Cade Maddox is Back At Men to Fuck Bearded Johnny Donovan

When Cade Maddox returned to earlier this year to pound twink Dillon Roman (in his studio debut), it was the first time in six years we had seen the stud at the studio, having spent an illustrious stint as a Falcon | NakedSword exclusive (during which he won GayVN Performer of the Year).

But I thought we would see Cade back again a lot quicker, not have to wait nearly five more months (ugh!) for another Men scene. Yet it was worth the wait, because Cade is now back to pound the holes of handsome fucker Johnny Donovan (love him in those purple boxer briefs!).

Cade Maddox Cade Maddox

Johnny Donovan Johnny Donovan

Cade Maddox, Johnny Donovan

We just saw Johnny channel an old-school gay porn vibe with his two scenes in the retro-inspired Falcon 1971, where he paid homage to legend Al Parker in is pounding of Joseph Hart; and then was inspired by another iconic Falcon stud,  Ed Wiley, when he flipped with Ty Santana. But instead of shaving his hot pornstache, it looks like Johnny let the rest of his handsome face catch up as he’s rocking a hot lumberjack beard. Cade, meanwhile, is also letting his hair grow out up top (why do I have a feeling people will have opinions on the hair in this scene?).

Cade Maddox, Johnny Donovan Cade Maddox, Johnny Donovan

Cade Maddox, Johnny Donovan Cade Maddox, Johnny Donovan

I love watching these two slowly kiss in the opening…so sensual, just two muscle hunks going at it. Johnny then wraps his furry mouth around that big dick, Cade laying back and enjoying. Johnny offers up his ass for the taking, and the sequence where he sits down on Cade and rides is hot AF (he’s rock hard!)—and Johnny finally takes a load on his jock hole. (But could we not have found a better location for them than this cramped, dull corner with drab walls? The fuck?).

See the full scene at!


11 thoughts on “Cade Maddox is Back At Men to Fuck Bearded Johnny Donovan”

  1. Johnny Donovan looks absolutely stunning in this 70s look. This style fits him like a glove. He is at the height of beauty.

  2. Just what MEN needs. Another top-only performer who doesn’t kiss, doesn’t suck dick, doesn’t bottom and have the personality of a malfunctioning android. Yikes

  3. Ugh!! I had the Unfortunate experience of “hiring” Cade for a “massage” (don’t judge me). Let me just say this…. it was the worst experience you could ever imagine. He arrived… like a robot. Zero personality…. with a “let’s just get this over with” attitude. And mind you…. I am above average… meaning… a very enjoyable body to massage. Anyhow… my point is…. Cades “massage” is exactly how his porn scenes are. Calculated. He has ZERO personality…. ZERO emotions or connections…. just a ROBOT…. going through the motions…. until it’s over… then… “where’s my money?” UGH… super disappointed…. I can’t stand people like this, but then again… my fault. Lesson learned. He is 100% about the money, and he is so full of himself…. it’s disgusting. Happy to apply his “link” here… but it’s very easy to find if you want to “hire” him.

    1. are you sure it wasnt just all that plastic in his face that made him look expressionless since he probably cant move it

    2. Well now you know! You got what you paid for, a piece of shit money grabber who will be dead or in jail in a year or so and forgotten like a used hamburger wrapper. Cade is roadkill.

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