calvin banks fucks vincent oreilly

That O’Reilly Factor – Gay Porn Edition

Not only does Calvin Banks fuck and suck lucky Vincent at the same time, his huge dick unleashes arguably the most epic facial so far this.

Snagging Calvin Banks as an exclusive was a stellar move by CockyBoys.

Watching him go from twink to twunk has been a sight to behold. I would say he’s finally grown into his dicK — except he’d need to be around nine feet tall to do that.

To say that he and Vincent O’Reilly have some explosive chemistry in the scene today would be a huge understatement.

They appear lost in each other’s spell, it’s as if the camera wasn’t even there. In other words, porn magic.

calvin banks fucks vincent oreilly Vincent O’Reilly possesses a great many qualities. Two of the best are behind him. Today, that pretty picture gets completed by Calvin Banks’ cock.

calvin banks fucks vincent oreilly “From the moment their lips met for some lengthy passionate kissing Calvin Banks & Vincent O’Reilly are totally focused on one another. As Vincent leans against the window he gives Calvin free rein over his monumental ass. Calvin can’t get enough of opening up Vincent with his hands and mouth and putting him in a state of sexual ecstasy.”

calvin banks fucks vincent oreilly Calvin has a hard time deciding exactly what he needs from Vincent’s lips for so he as he does throughout the entire scene today, he multitasks.

calvin banks fucks vincent oreilly When you are as hung as Calvin and have this much lust for your partner, you can do the seemingly impossible: run a train on him all by yourself.

calvin banks fucks vincent oreilly Calvin pulls Vincent back against him so he can thrust into him and they flow into several limber positions. Finally, his cock hits the bullseye and makes Vincent shoot his wad. And when it Calvin’s turn, his cock unloads like a firehouse gone rogue and what doesn’t splatter down on Vincent’s face goes flying over his head.

[Watch Vincent O’Reilly & Calvin Banks at CockyBoys]


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