Cam4: “If Someone’s Cam Bothers You, Leave It And Find Another”

Warning: Graphic images below.

Following last week’s live stream of former gay porn star Jeremy Jordan smoking an unknown substance out of a glass pipe on Cam4, one viewer complained via e-mail to the extraordinarily popular and highly-trafficked site (its Alexa ranking in the United States is 539). Here’s the e-mail exchange:

From: [Redacted]
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 2:44 AM
To: Cam4 Support
Subject: website feedback

jeremy420man is smoking crystal meth. Please remove his stream or it will be reported to the proper authorities.

From: Cam4 Support (
To: [Redacted]
Sent: December 3, 2010 12:44:52 AM

You have no idea what people are or are not doing. If someone’s cam bothers you then leave it and find another.

Following the exchange, the Cam4 viewer claims his account was banned:

My login is no longer recognized nor can I sign up for a new account. When I do it tells me I am banned. What I’m thinking is they banned me because I threatened to inform the police regarding the issue if they did not remove the stream. I emailed the RCMP here in Canada but I haven’t heard a response.

Cam4 has not responded to my request for comment, so I can’t verify why or if they’ve banned this viewer. But aside from being bizarrely flippant, the Cam4 e-mail reply above (“you have no idea what people are or are not doing”) directly contradicts their own “Terms & Conditions” (emphasis added):

Illegal drugs (or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in other locations, e.g. medicinal marijuana), are stictly prohibited.

Despite my research, it’s unclear to me (if you’re a lawyer, feel free to weigh in) if hosting and/or broadcasting live streams that depict illegal drug use are in fact illegal, and if it were, how that might affect Cam4, whose servers are located in the Netherlands. What is clear is that anyone, regardless of age, can visit Cam4 and, with or without a membership, freely click and watch a variety of Cam4 users enaged in sexual acts while (presumably) smoking crystal meth, including Jeremy Jordan (whose account is still active), and including users like “TweakedJack45,” as seen in screencaps below.





16 thoughts on “Cam4: “If Someone’s Cam Bothers You, Leave It And Find Another””

  1. Jesus dude mind your own business. If ye wants to smoke meth or crack weed shoot up heron it’s not really shy of your business.

  2. No it’s not better than the other no matter how you justify it… While alcohol and tobacco may be legal I don’t see them as any better…

  3. Seaguy, I don’t think people are talking about the legal aspect of it. They’re concerned for him.
    Mark, Meth kills, “pot” doesn’t. Google “Faces of Meth”.

  4. OK, I didn’t need to see the pics of the huge guy. But that aside, I see guys smoking pot all the time on Cam4– so why the outrage at Jeremy Jordan? I’ve never smoked meth and have no interest in doing so, but I don’t get why one drug is better and more acceptable than another. Just saying.

  5. Someone had too much time on thier hands if they are taking the time to snitch on someone for possibly smoking meth on a web cam in another place that the police are going to care less about because it was not harming anyone and they have more important things to do. Get a life!

  6. From what I understand from reading the terms & conditions they’re under the impression they don’t have to monitor the site because they can’t be responsible for content being streamed by a third party. ” You understand and agree that the content displayed on Cam4 is primarily posted by third parties and Cam4 does not pre-screen or preemptively monitor such content. You understand that Cam4 is not liable or responsible for content posted by third parties.” so in other words “we can’t be held responsible and therefore we really don’t care to monitor the site or enforce it’s rules”.

    I just can’t help but think that if they are looking past people like “tweakedjack45” and his pipe (you’d have to be pretty stupid not to realize that what’s in that pipe isn’t legal) what else they are willing to look past (ie. child porn, rape, ect.)

    There’s all kinds of drug use and guys looking others to do them with. I was on there today for a bit and saw a guy looking to “slam” crystal meth but he has a “hard time” doing it himself so he was looking for someone who could do it for him. I’m just waiting for someone to overdose on the site so maybe cam4 will do something, it’s really only a matter of time before someone does. I think the site has a moral obligation to monitor third party content streamed on their site and be reporting users for any type of illegal activity.

    1. They don’t look past child porn. I reported someone yesterday who told me they were 17 and the account was down within 5 minutes.

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