Cutler X, Prince Flackoo

Can You Make An 11-Inch Dick Disappear?

Since making his studio debut earlier this year, newcomer Prince Flackoo has impressed with his power bottom skills—and he has taken a bigger dick every time he steps in front of the camera (although we’re not sure he can go bigger after taking this monster in his newest scene).

The fun started when Prince got pinned to the bed by King Bryce and his 8-inch rod, then continued last month when his holes got stuffed by the nearly 10-inch dick of daddy Drew Sebastian. Who’s cock does he take on this time? It’s an even bigger daddy in Cutler X himself!

Cutler X, Prince Flackoo Cutler X, Prince Flackoo

We recently saw Cutler shove his 11 inches (and his arm!) up Riddick’s bum, and now he destroys another bottom. That starts with Prince’s mouth, which gets stretched to the limit as he gets face fucked. He can’t deep throat Cutler (I mean who can?!), but it’s fun to watch him try.

Cutler X, Prince Flackoo Cutler X, Prince Flackoo

He fares far better with his ass, and two sequences in particular show how talented Prince is: when he backs up on Cutler’s cock in the doggy position, and when he makes the top’s cock disappear during the sit-down fuck (his aggressive riding is a thing of beauty). A lot of this scene is quiet, and I think it’s because Prince is just trying to find his breath as he takes it.

Cutler X, Prince Flackoo Cutler X, Prince Flackoo

Can you sit all the way down on a boner this big?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!



8 thoughts on “Can You Make An 11-Inch Dick Disappear?”

  1. Nope! I’d never let a 9″ cock, especially a thick one, anywhere near my sphincter muscle. I want to remain a tight ass in the best sense of that expression.

  2. First of all, Thats not 11 inches…maybe 8 on a good day. It very thick, but not 11 inless he is measuring from his butthole. I also think gaping holes are disgusting, which comes from overuse and cramming anything from dildos to feet up your butt.

  3. Universal Potentate

    That’s not self-respect. That’s lack of commitment, and literally no one else thinks otherwise.

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