Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox

Can You Plank Fuck Like Vander Pulaski?

This hunk is the epitome of versatility. Exhibit A: Raging Stallion’s hot flip fuck highlighted by an impressive plank position where Vander pins muscle jock Killian Knox to the mat.

I can’t get enough of Vander Pulaski, and this scene shows why. He pulled a few muscles during the game, and physical therapist Killian is the perfect man to help him relieve the tightness. The buildup here is beautiful—Killian slowly works over Vander’s muscles, then turns him over before diving his big manly bearded lips into Vander’s hairy hole.

Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox

Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox

Vander moans in pleasure, and when he turns over to reveal his massive boner, Killian is like a kid in a candy store. The daddy strokes him for a while, continuing the sensual build up before he finally gets his mouth on it. Vander then munches Killian’s hole as they 69, where we get hot side shots of Vander’s big dick jutting up from his hot bush. Watch for a hot-as-hell shot a little after the 15-minute mark: In the 69 as he munches Killian’s hole, Vander’s beast throbs up in excitement and brushes against Killian’s hot chest above him. So…fucking…hot! (Even more so as you see Vander so excited rubbing Killian’s amazing body.)

Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox

Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox

Killian wants to feel Vander inside as he gets on top and drops himself onto Vander’s dick, showing off his leg and core muscles as sits all the way down on Vander’s pubes, making that big cock disappear. Switching positions, Killian gets pumped deep atop the massage table as Vander assumes an impressive plank position, showing off his arm strength as he pins Killian to the table (with Killian’s rock-hard cock pressed on the mat).

Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox

Killian then takes the reins so he can pound Vander’s tight ass missionary with his thick cock, the bottom showing off his boner as he takes it. Killian then gets on his back to get railed one last time until he shoots thick ropes over his abs—while Vander shoots his jizz on the bottom’s taint and hairy hole.

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


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