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Candace Cameron Bure Gets Put On Blast By Falcon Studios

We said it yesterday when talking about the new Full House gay porn parody and we’ll say it again – Candace Cameron Bure is a piece of shit!

We’ve thought this for a long time though and we think it even more now that the media personality is making headlines talking about how Great American Family, the network airing her made-for-TV Christmas movies, “will keep traditional marriage at the core” with Great American Family CEO Bill Abbott agreeing by saying that gay representation in films is just a trend.

We aren’t the only ones who didn’t care for Candace’s comments though. The reveal of her “traditional” preferences blew up the internet last week and caused her to receive backlash from many fans, celebrities, and even one gay porn studio. That’s right, Falcon Studios, the studio that’s about to release its own gay made-for-TV-style feature with Cumming Home For Christmas, has officially come out as anti-Candace.

In a quote retweet reporting on Candace’s recent interview, the gay porn studio’s official Twitter account announced that they were “more than happy to send @candacecbure a Cumming Home For Christmas screener if she wants to see just how much better gay Christmas movies are than those @GAfamilyTV projects.” Unsurprisingly, Candace has yet to respond to the studio’s offer.

Cumming Home For Christmas writer and director Ben Rush seemed to agree with the studio’s stance. Upon news of Candace’s comments, Ben fired off a series of tweets that quipped that the new Cumming Home movie will give her the chance to “see just how amazing #Christmas #movies with same-sex couples can be” and that Falcon’s movie is a “much better film than anything she’s ever starred in.” Oop!

Earlier today, Falcon Studios went to double down on their anti-Candace stance and even offer to somewhat educate her on the wonderful world of the holigays by returning to Twitter to announce that not only would they forward her a DVD of Cumming Home For Christmas, but they would also send her the just-released Falcon Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set to “show her how to properly make the yuletide gay.” Again, she has yet to accept to respond to the bareback studio’s offer.

Let us know what you think of this Candace’s homophobic holiday thoughts down in the comments and if you want to see more from Candace’s worst nightmare – aka a Christmas movie that features something other than straight people – be sure to click over to!

[Falcon Studios: ‘Cumming Home For Christmas’] 


65 thoughts on “Candace Cameron Bure Gets Put On Blast By Falcon Studios”

    1. I’m surprised she’d kiss another woman on the lips even though I don’t know what the context of this was. She’s so adamantly against anything that has to do with the LGBTQ community yet she can kiss women on the lips? Make it make sense!

      1. As a gay man I have to ask why is it that the gay community always screams about discrimination and intolerance when they’re the ones that discriminate against straight Christian people. Candace Cameron has been minding her own business and gay people have mistreated and abused her. It’s unacceptable

        1. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. How are any gay people discriminating against straight Christians? Are we telling them they can’t get married? Are we saying they’re going to hell for being straight? Are we standing up in front of Congress crying to stop a law protecting Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage? NO

          Candace has not been minding her own business. She spoke out against Hallmark’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ representation on the channel, especially in Holiday Movies. She left with others to start a different network and doubled down on her plan to NOT include us in her programming.

          Now come down off that cross, someone needs the wood

          1. Candace has never said gays can’t have rights. She should have the right to make the kinds of movies she’s comfortable with. It’s like the supreme court case going on right now. She shouldn’t be forced to make movies with gay couples. Hallmark is already doing that and she doesn’t have to. Remember the wedding cake supreme court case where a gay couple was tying to force a baker to make them a wedding cake. It’s the same thing. And btw the courts including some of the progressive judges on the court sided with the baker

    2. Lol that an article about a privileged bigoted white woman generates more attention on this website than gay porn stars. Lol but also kinda sad

        1. Because Jodie was hitting her HARD and taking her to task. She’s also stood by their friend Jojo Siwa. Who basically summed it up like this “You not liking gay marriage, do your thing girl. You being religious, do your thing girl. Of course, I would want everybody to do what they want to do. But to purposely exclude someone because of who they love, that’s shitty.”

          1. Considering how progressive Jodie is and how she’s an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community I never quite understood her close friendship with Candace. Obviously they played sisters on a sitcom but doesn’t mean they have to be friends in real life. Candace’s homophobia and general attitude about the LGBTQIA+ community is no secret and has been publicly well documented for years. While Candace’s comments are wrong I don’t understand the reaction considering she’s said way worse in the past. Why stay friends all this time through all of Candace’s homophobia and have a feud now?

  1. No one should be shocked that Candace is such a big homophobe. Her comments are not that shocking considering her beliefs and history. She has not been shy about her anti LGBTQ beliefs in the past and has actually said way more offensive things before this. Not to mention she was the most conservative cohost in the history of The View. Don’t forget when she first guest cohosted she went on a homophobic rant about why religious people were within their rights to not make wedding cakes for gay couples.

    But what really confuses me about Candace is all the gay friends she has. She’s friends with so many gay men like Perez Hilton. Why is she friends with them when she believes what she believes about gay people? And why do gay men continue to be friends with her when she continues to be homophobic? This whole thing confuses me.

      1. Because Mario is a social climber and has never really done anything but be a bad stereotype of a gay man. He was unpopular trash in college and he’s never gonna give up his posh life to stand up for what’s right, ever

  2. Obviously Candace being a homophobe is problematic AF but what do you expect from someone like her. She works for a a Christian channel now. Do you honestly expect them to show gay couples on there? That’s like turning Bravo into a football channel.

    1. Actually, Bravo was a respectable channel that originally focused on programming related to fine arts and film, until someone let the trash in. So pivoting towards sports programming wouldn’t be unreasonable. Look at LOGO, it used to be the gayest thing about cable TV. Now they show reruns of Married… with Children & The X Files

  3. Her sons look gayer than a fruitcake. Hopefully they are so that her life becomes beyond excruciating. Her husband also looks like a cock lover

    1. Her son Lev (the cute short really gay looking mama’s boy) broke off his engagement to his fiance last year, and cut all ties with her, right before graduating from “God College” Liberty University last month. He also deleted his “God-saturated” Instagram.
      Dad wanted him to be a hockey player like him and mom wanted him to be a preacher. He’s now VP for the family Wine Business and living up in Napa at the Estate.

      IMO Unlike her brother Cameron, I don’t think Candace is homophobic, she’s a Jesus Freak and a hypocritical bigot. Which is why her friends and former co-workers are going apeshit and taking her to task. Hopefully, Lev can live his best life and not stay stuck in the closet. [Call me Lev <3]

        1. Sure there’s a chance and a good one at that. I can’t say he’ll come out anytime soon, if ever, given his Uncle’s public stance on homosexuality and his mom’s love of God over everything else. Like I said I hope he lives his best life and stepping back from the holy rollers is a good start

  4. Can someone explain the controversy to me? I don’t really know that much about CCB but I follow her daughter Natasha on insta and her vlogs on youtube. Her daughter is like chill and super normal lives in LA and doesn’t seem like she would be homophobic at all. On insta Natasha said her mom’s comments were taken out of context so I’m like not sure what to believe or think

    1. Candiass is literally the most homophobic racist person ever. I can’t think of anyone who hates gays and black people more than MAGA Karen Candiass

    2. Just for clarification, I don’t think anybody was going after her kids, it’s her brother Kirk Cameron and the rest when people say, family

      1. This is getting really out of hand. Obviously Candace has questionable views on same sex relationships but unless I’m missing something since when is and a racist. She can be a homophobe without being a racist

    3. Always blame the media. Always blame the godless. Always blame someone. That’s these people MO. The media just LITERALLY quoted what she said in the Wall Street Journal and she never denied saying it. She just blamed the media and said she loves EVERYONE when she said she only wanted to show “traditional” straight couples on her channel and left HallMark b/c they were doing more inclusive movies meaning including LGBTQA+ couples.

      If that’s not bigoted and homophobic then I can’t help you.

      One troll using different names to defend this bigoted bitch and her equally bigoted family. Fuck you and fuck them all. THEY WILL ROT IN HELL.

      1. I’m not defending this woman at all for her homophobia I obviously condemn it. But one thing I don’t understand is why all this energy is directed towards her when there are even worse homophobes out there that don’t get any hat

  5. Her exact quote was, “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.” That’s not saying she wants it that way she’s simply stating what she thinks the network is planning to do

    1. Some of us went HARD on these other “celebrities” especially when there were no veiled comments like “traditional marriage” being used. As far as Justin goes, I’m confused. Was the word Fagott directed at an individual or group. Wasn’t this something he muttered under his breath far from any other ears? Next time Justin says something like that during the PGA, I’ll drag his ass toward the sandtrap and make him call me daddy before I show any mercy

  6. I support Candace, she never said that she hates gay people. Sending her porn videos because you don’t agree with her is sexual harassment and can open the doors to Falcon Studios getting into financial trouble.

    1. Nobody’s sending her videos, they’re offering to. They’re not even sharing explicit pics. Her feeling and intentions aside, she’s promoting bigotry

  7. Why are people so up in arms about this? Let her believe and live how she wants as much as we don’t agree with it that’s her right just as much as it is ours to live our lives and our truths….besides I dont need validation nor representation from that heffa we have a whole community that supports one another from when we come out and then some….plus there are plenty of places and studios that have and still make lgbtq+ holiday movies. I’m watching one right now Netflix and its amazing.

  8. Damn, the self-hating gays are all coming out for this one! She is not just “practicing her beliefs,” she is straight up (pun intended) being discriminatory by not allowing gay people to be represented. Should they be allowed to purposefully not show interracial marriages because she claims some holy book told her not to? Get real.

    1. The fact she even brought it up shows a total disregard for the LGBTQ+ community and marriage equality. She may not be homophobic, but by definition, she is a bigot, or at the very least promoting bigotry.

    1. What you’re doing is way worse than what everyone is accusing Candace off. Why call her the c word and wish for her kids to turn out gay. Everyone needs to chill out and stop being so vile

  9. Candace Cameron is a nice person and devout in her faith. Why is that such an issue? She literally has said over and over she doesn’t hate gay people. She’s not forcing her beliefs on anyone. She’s working for a channel that lines up more closely with her beliefs. And if you wanted actors who are pro LGBTQIA+ on your screen wouldn’t you not want her on the Hallmark channel anyways? She is literally not going after gays but gays are going after her. It’s ridiculous

    1. She literally said she wants only traditional relationships on her channel. That’s straight up bigotry. Hope she rots in hell.

      1. First of all that’s a terrible thing to say about anyone and also she said her channel will focus on traditional marriages. If her channel wants to do that and it’s what her faith compels her to do then why stop her? If we want to see more gay relationships we can try and get hallmark which is open to doing that to include more gay couples. By not accepting her beliefs and forcing her to comply with doing holiday movies with gay couples is a form of bigotry itself

        1. The same pro-Candiass troll on here using different names. She will ROT IN HELL for her hypocrisy that’s for sure. Fuck her and her homphobic channel and her shitty family.

  10. Come on I think the way Candace Cameron Bure is being treated is really harsh. She hasn’t said she hates our community or is against us. And for Falcon to tweet gay porn to her is harassment. This shit has to stop

    1. She and her whole family are bigots and homophobes. This shit needs to keep on going until she’s cancelled completely.

    2. Why, they don’t stop?
      Taking the high road is not an option any longer; it goes nowhere.
      I’ll ask you the same thing I did of the squeamish during the plague: If you don’t like getting your hands dirty, but want the benefits of the fight, just keep writing checks and we will find the fighters.

      The nicest thing you can say about her? She ain’t her brother.

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