Cannot Unsee: Mark Dalton At A Bodybuilding Competition

Congratulations go out to Mark Dalton, who placed 2nd last weekend in the “Ronnie Coleman Classic,” an annual bodybuilding competition in Texas. Enjoy this giant gallery of Mark posing and flexing for the judges. It’s natural male beauty at its best!

Bodybuilders aren’t usually my cup of GHB, but I must say, Mark’s a real hottie with a body, and he’s looking amazeballs! Looks like he’s been getting plenty of rays, too–check out that golden glow. Yummerz!

Keep up the great work, bb!

You look good, bb!

Dear Mark Dalton, are you a bodybuilder or a parking ticket? Because you have FINE written all over you!


Remember how underdeveloped and, to be frank, just plain gross Mark Dalton looked in the past, when he was in Falcon’s Super Soaked? Ew:

Back to the new and improved Mark:

Now that you’ve taken in all of Mark and you know he came in 2nd place, you’re probably asking yourself (or killing yourself), “Who came in 1st place?”

And here he is. The man who stole Mark’s crown and the winner of the Ronnie Coleman Classic is named Ransford Jackson, and he’s just great! Congratulations, Ransford! Congratulations, everyone!


37 thoughts on “Cannot Unsee: Mark Dalton At A Bodybuilding Competition”

  1. obviously like your web-site however you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth then again I’ll definitely come back again.

  2. I usually don’t comment back on these but I thought I would help shed some light on body building… First of all the tan is from people that air brush you back stage because you need to be extremely tan on stage… And second Is that about 3 days before the competion you “water deplete” which means you dehydrate yourself so you go on stage looking as ripped as possible… And when you do that your face look does not look attractive … But luckily when you get water back in you , everything goes back to normal.. So just thought I would let y’all in on that… Makes me feel better that I could inform you all in on that :)

  3. A) Mark Dalton looked much hotter in his SUPER SOAKED days. Now he’s an aging, mutant roidtard.

    B) Professional bodybuilders get most of their “golden glow” from bronze makeup, not from “plenty of rays.”


  4. Both Mark Dalton AND the winner looked DEFORMED!!!!!

    Mark Dalton looked better in the pics from 6 years ago. His face now looks HORRID, and as someone said like he suffers from facial wasting. It’s sad how he doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. And that’s a bad thing considering how I must admit to the fact that I did actually BUY and beat off to his video for, “Naughty Texan”.

    Well, I was horny before seeing those pics of present-day Mark. Now, not so much.

    The criteria to be a top-notch body builder has always been an unnatural degree of muscle that makes one look cartoonish. With that being the case, Mark has done well.

  5. I just can’t get past all that orange. It looks like he used a tanning bed that was next to a Japanese nuclear power plant.

  6. Yuck… and how can you say he looked underdeveloped in the “before” pictures?? He had a great body and was good looking. Now he looks like all the other freakish bodybuilders with their grotesque, over developed muscles, orange fake tans and the effects of steroid/HGH use. Kinda sad to see him like this.

  7. Never have been a big Dalton fan…..used to have a nice bod,(THIS isn’t nice,) but small dicks are only OK in porn if the actor is one hell of a bottom boy. Seems like he never, ever settled into really liking himself as he really was,

  8. I also hope that “natural male beauty” (with stress on “natural”) was sarcasm too…

    (reading the post again, I’d go for sarcasm, yes)

  9. Hideous.
    Where’s David Forest to write he’s the most sought-after gay porn star in the history of the world and never looked better.

  10. Jocks,behold and feel the envy!!I have a little objection stylewise,Jackson should have worn peach and Mark green.

  11. Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Miss Dalton is an annoying German-American homosexual whose tinymeat must now be even smaller!

  12. Most of you must be extremely unattractive (and old of course, geezers say anything young is hot) because this dude was never good-looking, before or after. The gift of desperation and low standards I guess.

  13. To each his own I guess, but the bodybuilder look is just ugly to me. Much prefer the Mark Dalton of old, what a hunk he was.

  14. I’ve been around roided up guys for decades and while steroids and tanning can do some awful shit to your skin, Mark’s condition looks more to be facial wasting caused by HIV. He really should look intol fillers that can help restore some of facial fullness lost to lipodystrophy. Anyway, good that he’s keeping fit and he looks happy. I wish him luck in his bodybuilding career.

  15. Wow! This pictorial is a sad visual indeed! Is it just me, or does it look like he has some serious facial wasting going on? He used to have such a beautiful face and all the steroids, drugs, and other abuses he has done to himself over the years are now written all over it. No doubt we will be seeing some pathetic press release from the notorious DF about some “BIG TOUR” that he and Mark will be embarking on soon…LOL

    1. Totally agree. Dalton looks like a guy in his 50’s. He appears completely worn out and tired. All that hard living has ruined a very handsome face. Not to mention what he’s done to himself with all those damn tattoos. He looks even worse with those markings all over his body. Ugh.

      DF will find some way to to market this mess that’s for sure. But you can bet he’ll use nearly 15 year-old photos to adveretise Dalton and not the freaky stuff showing what he looks like now. EEEK!!

  16. It is not just a tan. Bodybuilders use a lot of faux tan to make themselves darker because dark skin shows definition better then fair skin.

  17. “Underdeveloped” and “Just Plain Gross”?? Well, to each their own, but personally I go for the old Mark Dalton, before he overdid it with the tattoos. He was beautiful back then. Even when he did the video with Zeb Atlas he was still decent. The tan and amount of tattoos and his shaved head make him look like a totally different person. Mind you, I’m not saying he still doesn’t look hot…..he does…..just different.

      1. For the record, I didn’t read that statement as sarcastic, either. Sarcasm online or in print can be tough to portray. It’s a shame you had to be nasty over something virtually unimportant.

        1. I wasn’t being nasty I was being snarky. I was being sarcastic because the original sarcasm was misssed. No offense need be taken it was meant in jest.

      2. I missed the sarcasm too. There are some people who really do think orange, overdeveloped bodybuilders look good. And BTW – snarky and nasty are the same thing.

  18. Eh–he looks pretty decent, although I can tell you why he was 2nd…the tattoos. Judges are okay with a few, but he has a full sleeve & he has a torso/thigh series. They don’t really care for that because they have a nasty habit of obscuring detail. That said, I think he looks good…from the neck down. From the neck up, the dieting RAVAGES his face and makes him look *significantly* older than he is.

    1. “From the neck up, the dieting RAVAGES his face and makes him look *significantly* older than he is.”

      Well that and drug and alcohol abuse, prison time, steroids, and overuse of tanning beds on fair skin. With all the porn parodies that litter the straight porn world, perhaps the gay industry could do a porn version of the California raisins. Guess who would have a lead?

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