Can’t Get Enough Mickey Taylor? Watch Him Fuck Dakota Wolfe In ‘Summer Of Sweat’

Today marks the premiere of the first episode of NakedSword Originals’ Summer of Sweat, which opens on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach is actually the least naked of SF’s beaches (the gayest of all, Marshall Beach, is all the way north just below the Golden Gate Bridge, and it’s plenty dirty).

But that didn’t stop Episode 1 stars Mickey Taylor and Dakota Wolfe from taking off all their clothes for the photo shoot.




They then hop in Mickey’s car where Dakota sucks Mickey’s cock until he blows a load into Dakota’s mouth.



And THEN they go back to the house to actually fuck, where Mickey slams Dakota against a wall before eating his ass, and then fucking the cum out of him on a lawn chair on the deck.

It’s a companion piece or sequel, really, to last summer’s backyard fuck fest, Summer of Fuckin’.






[NakedSword: Summer of Sweat, Ep. 1]

2 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough Mickey Taylor? Watch Him Fuck Dakota Wolfe In ‘Summer Of Sweat’”

  1. he’s cute but can only tahe him as a bottom, the bottom here though is hot (as a bottom) as well but needs a more mature top.
    I LOVE twinks but only in twink/mature combis

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