Do You Like Giving Bound & Blindfolded Blowjobs?

I’ve given blowjobs to some blindfolded studs, and received blowjobs with a blindfold on—and love both of those scenes. But CockyBoys switches things up in the latest from its “What’s Your Kink?” series!

We just saw Swhirly indulge in his foot fetish by sucking Tristan Hunter’s toes as he fucked him, and now Canyon Cole gets to explore his love of blindfolds and bondage as he submits to Theo Brady and his big dick!

Theo Brady, Canyon Cole Theo Brady, Canyon Cole

Theo Brady, Canyon Cole

But Canyon is the one who puts the blindfold on (and has his wrists tied together) as he slurps Theo’s beautiful boner, which is hard as a rock (that really is a beautiful cock!). Theo whips that dick on the sub’s face and pokes his mouth, and I especially love when he has Canyon sit against the bed and then straddles his face to fuck that mouth (it gives us a great view of that shaft and sac). That leads to a hot 69 as Theo sucks the cuties hard rod—his balls hitting Canyon’s nose at the other end.

Theo Brady, Canyon Cole Theo Brady, Canyon Cole

Theo Brady, Canyon Cole

Then Canyon lays back to get his hole munched before Theo slides his dick inside, a hot aerial shot looking down on the bottom’s tight bod as he takes it. Theo then wraps the blindfold around the bottom’s neck as he fucks him from behind before Canyon sits down on that thick dick—Theo stroking him as he fucks him (love this!) before they bust, Canyon getting a big facial.

Are you into blindfolds? (I wouldn’t want to wear one as I suck…I wanna see cock!)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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