Serg Shepard

Carnal Media Announces Its Latest Exclusive Model

There’s a new face over at Carnal Media! The studio group just announced that gay porn newcomer Serg Shepard has signed on to be an exclusive model for the company and appear in videos for sites like Gaycest, ScoutBoys, and FunSizeBoys!

His first appearance as an exclusive just dropped this week. In the video, available to view on the Carnal+ and FunSizeBoys websites, we get to see Serg get a “king size rubdown” from muscle daddy Dillon Stone and open up his hole for the jock-wearing top on a massage table.

Serg Shepard

“I messaged Legrand Wolf directly via Twitter because his websites are what I’ve jacked off to for years,” said Serg about becoming a studio exclusive. “He responded the same day and I was flown out to shoot shortly thereafter. The experience with everyone on the team was the best I’d had with any adult company, so when offered an exclusive, I told Legrand I wanted to be on his team.”

Serg Shepard

While Serg is fairly new to the world of gay porn, he does have some previous appearances that you may know him from. Most notably, Serg can be seen in New Arrivals, the 2022 film from NakedSword Originals that shines a light on undiscovered gay porn talent, along with a scene from Kristen Bjorn. He’ll also be making his return to NakedSword Originals in just a few weeks for the fourth episode of Release Room – a scene that Serg filmed before he was signed as a Carnal exclusive.

Serg Shepard

“I knew within the first few minutes of our first meeting that Serg would be a brilliant addition to our team, and I wanted to make Serg a Carnal Exclusive,” said Carnal Media CEO and performer Legrand Wolf. “A few weeks later we were filming with him, and I can confidently say he is incredibly gifted sexually, and he knows exactly how to play it for the camera!”

Serg Shepard

If you want to see more from Serg and his work with his new home studio, make sure to head over to Carnal+ as they begin dropping hoards of content featuring this newbie and his incredible body. You can also check out FunSizeBoys to watch the stud’s debut scene as a Carnal exclusive.

[Watch ‘King Size Rubdown’ ft. Serg Shepard & Dillon Stone]


8 thoughts on “Carnal Media Announces Its Latest Exclusive Model”

  1. Love Legrand! He is sexy af! Just wish he and the rest of the daddies would breed their boys. Early on they would but now it’s a lot more of the “fake breeding”. Nothing hotter than when you can actually see the daddy seed his boy.

  2. Bless these sweet, adorable boys and how in hell they can have sex with Wolf and his stable of old men. A couple of the “daddies” are nice; but Wolf and the majority are disgusting.

    1. Kinda curious, what makes them ‘disgusting?’ Is it their age? And why do I have a sneaking suspicion you’re hardly a spring chicken yourself?

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