alex mecum fucks casey jacks

Casey Jacks May Never Let Go Of Alex Mecum’s Big One

We’re all “Looking For The Big One”. When Casey Jack’s found it on Alex Mecum, he found more than just the big one, he found paradise.

First, JJ Knight’s donkey dick rocked Addison Blue’s world and nearly split his ass in two. Then, Michael Del Rays’ fat pole did the same thing to Pierce Paris.

Today, it’s Alex Mecum’s fat tower of power that claims another victory – though Casey Jacks may very well consider himself the one in the winner’s circle.

alex mecum fucks casey jacksIt’s a hot and sunny day at the beach house when Alex Mecum and Casey Jacks hook up in the backyard. Alex gets throbbing hard as the two hunks kiss. Then Alex got hungry. And that proved to be contagious. Casey looks babyfaced without his characteristic scruff we saw him sporting with Roman Todd. And Alex is, as always, his handsome, hairy, hung, and horny self.

alex mecum fucks casey jacksAfter getting Alex worked up to the point of no return, Casey pulls down his shorts and offers up his tight ass by bending over the balcony rail.

alex mecum fucks casey jacksCasey told Alex he wants, “maximum penetration”. While Alex’s skills as a bottom are things wet dreams are made of, a chance at Casey’s crack brought Alex’s inner-top out of hiding. He wallops that hole until they are both breathless and sweaty.

Casey sits on Alex’s thick dick until Alex flips his friend around when they are both ready to blow. Casey fires his load while Alex is fucking full throttle. Then Alex raises up and turns Casey into a human cum rag. Casey was “Looking For The Big One” and damn, did he ever find it today.

[Watch Casey & Alex in “Looking For The Big One” scene three at Falcon]

Alex Mecum – do you prefer him as top or bottom? And how about Casey: clean shaven or scruffy?

4 thoughts on “Casey Jacks May Never Let Go Of Alex Mecum’s Big One”

  1. ‘Casey Jacks may never let go of Alex Mecum’s big one’, and your blaming him… why?
    I mean Alex Mecum is like the total manliness manly mans’ man in the business today. The kind of guy who would head out into the woods to hunt bear armed with only the wrong end of a toothpick, single handedly haul an A1 tank out of a ditch and then save the entire planet from alien invasion all before lunch!
    Of course by lunch I actually mean that Casey Jacks quote “Oh yeah Alex, fuck me!”

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