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Casey Jacks Takes A Roman Holiday

Hot AF Casey Jacks doesn’t take a Roman holiday. But he takes Roman Todd’s cock and gets basted with his load in one of the hottest pairings of the year.

While we were all under the recently wrapped “Code Of Silence”, there as a summer hiatus for “Intimate” from Falcon.

Hiatus is over and we have the “Intimate” finale today.

And, oh yes, with Roman Todd and Casey Jacks, they saved the best for last.

Wait … Casey who? A pit stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™ will help fill in the blanks.
casey jacks roman todd falconThey called him Owen at Corbin Fisher where he made one solo and one action scene. Earlier this week, we saw him mix it up with Scotty Zee at NextDoorStudios. Even though Casey’s entire journey has only been three months so far, The Pornback Machine today shows what a smoking hot guycasey jacks roman todd falconLast month, we took a look at Roman Todd’s own transformation. While he has been at this for seven years now, head to toe, he’s never looked so hot. That extra confidence carries over onto the screen today. The scene opens with Casey and Roman locking lips wearing nothing but white briefs. And it just keeps getting hotter from there.

casey jacks roman todd falconCasey does exactly what we would do: wrap his lips around Roman’s throbber. Just check out his technique with his hands, mouth, and tongue working as one. A lesser man would have busted right then and there. But Roman wasn’t ready for this holiday to be over. Not by a long shot.

casey jacks roman todd falconFrom riding to doggie to missionary, Casey and Roman can’t stop kissing or looking right into each other’s eyes. This is a slow simmer where they luxuriate in every inch of each other’s bodies.

casey jacks roman todd falconRoman reaches down to strokes Casey’s leaking cock as Roman keeps pumping. Trying to prolong the sensation as long as possible, Casey knocks Roman’s fist off his cock just in time to pump out a hands-free load that pools on his abs. And when it’s Roman’s turn, his first cum rip blasts Casey’s cheek while the pools up in Casey’s mouth.

This Roman holiday cums to a close with a snowball kiss. And it doesn’t get much more “Intimate” than that.

[Watch Casey & Roman in “Intimate” scene four at Falcon]

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