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Soon They Will Be Dead: The William F. Buckley Jr. Memorial List of Conservatives We’re Still Waiting on to Die


He once had a war of words with Gore Vidal (whom he addressed as “you queer” after Vidal called him a “pro-war-crypto-Nazi”) and he made such condescending remarks about gay rights as, “A homosexual has a right not to get hit by a truck.”  Yes, William F. Buckley Jr., that great charmer of men and founder of conservative soapbox The National Review, is finally dead.  After graduating Yale in 1950, Buckley rose to right-wing fame after penning the book God and Man at Yale, in which he went after the growing threat of “liberal professors” who were forcing their heathen views on unsuspecting students.  He may be responsible, in fact, for popularizing the term “liberal professor” and for turning the American Right into a bunch of anti-intellectual, academia-hating Texans.  More recently he has weighed in on the illogic of the Episcopal Church in trying to canonize homosexuals and spoken in support of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  He leaves a great legacy of tight-assed stubbornness behind him, and his influence will probably still be felt for years to come.

Project Runway Finale Looms Closer; Let the Ferocheness Begin


This being the gayest season of reality television’s gayest series—unless we mean gay as in bad, in which case it’s that stupid show about Scott Baio pretending to be pregnant on VH1—the winner of Project Runway Season 4 is most likely going to be a gay man (sorry, Jillian) for the first time since Jay McCarroll took home the title in 2005. While fags across America scamper home to set their TiVos for the grand finale which commences this evening, we can’t help but marvel at what a gay time we’ve had watching this run, which in truly homosexual fashion consisted of non-stop drama.

Between Jack Mackenroth’s MRSA-staph-and-not- AIDS-related facial swelling meltdown, Chris March’s portfolio of drag queen self-portraits, Ricky Lizalde’s nonstop weeping, Christian’s inability to utter a sentence without including the terms “fierce,” “flawless,” “feroche,” or “barfness,” and the very presence of series judge Michael Kors and his bitchy asides, the show was so infectiously homo-centric that the female contestants felt routinely eclipsed and sole straight male contestant Kevin Christensen might have actually become gay in some sort of nuclear-gay fallout. After the jump, check out some of our favorite moments from this season so far, and then we’ll see you on the runway.

Joan Rivers Still Wants the Last Word on Oscar Fashion, Settles for Last Gasp


The Academy Awards were three days ago and in internet-time we know that’s a veritable eternity, but now that Joan Rivers has reared her synthetic, scowling head we’ve realized that we’re still not over it. We hate to admit it, but we miss Joan and Melissa’s red carpet coverage. Maybe we’re assholes, but the way in which Joan Rivers would tell the stars they look beautiful and then criticize them the second their backs were turned was easier to relate to than, say, Ryan Seacrest’s strange appropriation of a British accent when speaking “flirtatiously” with Keira Knightley. As predicted, our favorite bitter, snarky duo seems to have managed to set up shop and get a word in edgewise about Nicole Kidman’s botoxed features. Although they chose AOL.com’s StyleList as their venue of choice over L.A. Public Access, that is a dummy red-carpet they’re sitting on, so it’s fair for us to say that we called this one.

Remarkably, and perhaps due to her low-profile podcast and conspicuously shorter running time (clocking in at around 7 minutes, as opposed to the duo’s former half-hour wrap-ups on E!), Joan is more disappointed in Hollywood than ever this year, seemingly spewing haterade at everyone from pregnant Jessica Alba (whom she compared to Barney the dinosaur) to Best Actress-winner Marion Cotillard, whom she responded to by screeching “Jean Paul Gaultier should be shot!”

Normally this dig at Jean Paul would cause us to turn on our cryptkeeper of the velvet ropes with pitchforks and flaming torches, but we can’t help but marvel at how she also managed to echo some of the comments from our very own Oscar party: in reference to Heidi Klum (“What the hell was she doing there?”), John Travolta (citing that his hair looked like a “Chia Pet®”), and Tilda Swinton (“She looks just like David Bowie”) in particular. Our favorite comment from the 7-minutes-in-Joan-and-Melissa-heaven hit when it came Ellen Page’s turn at ridicule. Referring to her dumpy, black ensemble, Joan reasoned that “unlike her character in Juno, she ain’t gonna score tonight.” ZZZZZZZING!

Worst in Gay Marketing: Air New Zealand’s Pink Flight to Sydney Mardi Gras


What’s worse than a 14 hour flight? How about a 14 hour “gay” flight.

Generally on long flights (like the only slightly less homo-rific one we just took to Sydney ourselves) we like to pop a Valium, order an adult beverage (or two), kick back and drift off to sleep. The less we can be reminded that we’re trapped in a tube 30,000 feet up the better. No such luck for the gay early adopters who are booked on this headache.

As marketing departments scramble for new ways to shake you down for your dual-income-no-kids disposable gay dollar, they seemed to have reached a new low in pandering.

When the Rainbow Is Not Enuf: A Dispatch from Sydney Mardi Gras


Homosexuals are a hearty, tote-friendly breed and generally eager to escape
Columbus, or Palm Springs or wherever, in search of penis-friendly anuses
in tropical climes. As part of San Francisco’s first “official” delegation to the continent
of Australia, The Sword understands the need to find unexplored cultural
crevasses, and shall give you regular updates on the pre-Mardi Gras
festivities in our Sister City down under.

CBS Gives Gay Soap Opera Supercouple a PG-Rating, Everyone Else Blueballs


It has recently been brought to our attention that there is a really hot daytime television gay couple on As The World Turns! Alas, their increasingly sporadic appearances on the broadcast have some fans getting their gay panties in a twist. The first gay-male couple on a soap opera to be given their own substantial romantic narrative, Luke Snyder (played by Van Hansis) and Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann)-commonly referred to as “Nuke” in portmanteau-have a dedicated fanbase of gays and straights alike who look forward to seeing the stages of their innocent romance unfold in a format usually reserved for more traditional and Christian-friendly plot lines like serial killers, evil husband-snatching twins, the living dead, witches, exorcisms, child rape, and its flagship lurid heterosexual affairs with gratuitous lingerie and softcore makeout scenes.

Slightly Homophobic Clip of the Week: Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Fucking Ben Affleck’


Now that it’s so cool and mainstream to be gay, you might think gay jokes weren’t funny anymore. You’d be wrong! The sight of two avowedly straight men pretending to be gay together is still a laugh riot on late-night TV, particularly when the men involved are Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck and one of them is wearing a shiny spandex shirt. We’re sort of impressed/bothered by all the A-List cameos like Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, and a few C-listers like Huey Lewis and Lance Bass who join in a We Are the World-esque recording studio bit.  It may be that, in a few decades, clips like this will start to look like old Al Jolson movies look to us now. Or it may be that, for the crowd that chooses to watch Jimmy Kimmel before settling in for some disgusting and sad heterosexual lovemaking, jokes like this won’t ever get old.

SPOTTED: Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Canoodling at Elton John’s Oscar Party


Good morning Upper East Siders! Although Gossip Girl may be off the air vis-à-vis the writers’ strike it’s refreshing to know that somebody is still snapping photos of the show’s cast for gossip blogs, keeping rabid obsessives such as ourselves at bay. In what may be the gayest curiosity of Oscar-night, purported friends Chace Crawford and former *NSYNC closet-case JC Chasez were spotted getting very cozy at Elton John’s annual Academy Awards bash. Sources claim that the two spent the evening virtually joined at the hip, making us wonder if we should begin playing around with acronyms for a new IT-couple. “Chace Chasez”? “Chacez”? Hit the jump for the photos while we ponder who’s on top and whether or not JC will feel inspired to jump on the “man-bangs” bandwagon for which Chace is (evidently) the lovely and talented spokesmodel.

Homos Won’t Get Groove Back in Jamaica, Might Get Killed


The New York Times is always particularly good at these sort of newsflashes, but for any gays out there who didn’t already know, Jamaica is not exactly a fun and friendly gay tourist destination.  In fact, if you’re gay and you happen to live in this tropical island paradise and decide to throw a dinner party for a couple of your gay friends, you may find an angry mob outside your house wielding machetes!  Not cool guys, so not cool.

LiLo Triumphs at Razzies; Gays Grateful for Brief Gay Moments During Gay Super Bowl


OMG! Oscar weekend! All the stars in the grand Hollywood firmament were out and aglow and the town was buzzing with self-congratulations.  The gays are also abuzz with all the big! gay! moments! of the evening, which include:

1) Some 38-minute documentary about dying lesbians won Best Documentary Short Subject;
2) The nomination for said documentary was announced by a big gay “petty officer” live via satellite in Iraq who had so clearly peed his pants to be included in the Academy Awards broadcast;
3) Veteran producer and homo Scott Rudin thanked his partner, John Barlow, when accepting the award for Best Picture for No Country for Old Men.  He also called him ‘honey’ and said, curiously, about his statuette: “Without you, honey, this would just be hardware,”  by which he meant a dildo.

Zac Efron May Or May Not Be Shirtless and Kissing Another Boy, But No Matter What, He’ll Always Be a Fag to Us


It’s no secret that Zac Efron is maybe, potentially, definitely, seriously, and/or actually a homosexual. Ever since he began serving gayface to a whole new generation of closeted tweens and the babysitting fag hags that love them in productions like High School Musical, Hairspray, and High School Musical 2 (need we highlight his genre-of-choice?) we’ve been furrowing our brows in his general direction with a “this oughta be good” choral refrain that would put any cast of Disney child slaves to shame. Hell, even the kid himself acknowledged how obvious it is in his interview with Details.

When a photo emerged on the web this very A.M. with startling composition of a shirtless Efron butterfly-kissing (and slurping his mouth all over) the face of another shirtless twink, self-congratulatory smirks stretched across gay faces like ours all over America. While it’s worth pointing out that the trucker-hat-wearing gay youth in question could very well, possibly be somebody else, we think anything that keeps this dialogue alive and fresh before Zac takes any further steps toward becoming Jared Leto is worth posting and scrutinizing until the Queen Latifahs come home. Without further ado… THE BIG GAY PHOTO!



221 N. 9th St (Williamsburg)
New York

Saturdays 10PM – 4AM

Brooklyn: it’s where half the under-thirty gays live now anyway. DJ Emjay spins deep house, etcetera for the Manhatts party monsters and Billyburg homos alike. No cover.

Porn Stars To Producers: Condoms Not Enough!

When Spencer Quest disclosed his HIV positive status in a series of blogs last week, he echoed the concerns of a generation of performers worried that they don’t have enough information on set. In an anonymous survey conducted by The Sword of nearly one hundred gay porn stars, the men expressed confusion and nervousness around the issue of HIV and STDs with many concerned that they’d be blacklisted if their status were revealed. 

This Year’s Oscar Nominees: A Shirtless Gallery

CS-OscarNomsShirtlessTH.jpg For those of you who aren’t already making menus and sampling There Will Be Blood Orange Martini recipes for your uber-gay Oscar party, we bring you the following gratuitous shots mined from the nets. We’re sticking to the men, because that’s what we prefer around here.  Ladies, we love your work, but you’re going to have to do better than Cate Blanchett doing her drag king Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There to get us feature you naked anytime soon.  After the jump, our favorite half-naked photos of this year’s male acting nominees.

We Interrupt This GayVN Awards Coverage to Bring You Sleazy Polaroids from the Glass Elevator


We must admit that the 2008 GayVN Awards on Saturday weren’t quite the drool-inducing sedative that we feared they’d be. The Lady Bunny was downright hilarious and Derek and Romaine‘s bitterness-shtick was amusing, at least to us, since they wouldn’t stop talking about what “assholes” we are. Sorry everyone loves us, okay? After the jump, check out how many of the night’s biggest stars chose to ditch the duo’s face-planting, painfully ill-received punchlines for a hot, impromptu photo shoot in the glass elevators!

Gay Superdelegate, Age 21, Still Vers/Btm on Billary/Obama Choice


The youngest superdelegate attending this year’s Democratic National Convention happens to be a fag!  Take back what we said about fly-over states; 21-year-old Jason Rae, a junior at Marquette University, launched a grassroots campaign to become one of Wisconsin’s four members of the Democratic National Committee and therefore one of the 796 much-crowed-about-on-cable-news superdelegates who will likely end up deciding this year’s nominee (and probably the election) and he just gave an interview to The Advocate.

Apparently Wearing High Heels to School Will Still Get You Killed


We’re not trying to make light here.  This poor kid, Lawrence King, was shot the other day in Oxnard, California essentially because a homophobic 8th grade classmate couldn’t deal with the fact that he was a flamboyant fag and wore makeup and high heels to school.  He died.  As of today the shooter, Brandon David McInerney, has been charged with a hate crime and will likely face a murder trial as an adult.  We’re making an exception to our general preference of avoiding depressing news to give a shout-out to all the faglets out there who-like the band of sissies who rioted outside the Stonewall Inn the night of Judy Garland’s funeral-can’t hide their gayness no matter how hard they try, even if it would make their lives “easier.”  Stay strong, kids.

Gay Restroom Goblin Officially Brings Discredit on Senate


Not that they don’t have better things to be doing, but the Senate Ethics Committee yesterday officially declared that Idaho Senator Larry Craig brought discredit on the Senate when he trolled for sex in a Minneapolis airport mens room.  No shit, huh?  In a letter to the Senator-who has remained stubborn and married to that poor woman throughout this whole ordeal-the Ethics panel said actually that it was Craig’s actions after being apprehended that brought the most shame to his office.  Namely, they objected to his attempting to withdraw the guilty plea he entered after his arrest last summer.

Our GayVN Weekend Hustler Guide


Conventional wisdom says that porn stars are a dime a dozen. We wish!  With a falling dollar, just about the only people who can afford a porn star’s companionship these days are in Dubai… and G-d knows they don’t have gay sex there. Of course, we’re in San Francisco and with the GayVNs falling on Valentine’s Day weekend this year-and with your tireless Sword editors pressed for time and romance, we thought we’d stop staring at the menu and, uh, order in. Why should straight guys have all the fun? The Sword takes a look at who’s in town

Siegfried and Roy: Still Closeted, Plotting Comeback


We will probably include them in our upcoming “How Did America Not Know They Were Gay” series, but for now all we have to report is that Las Vegas wonder twins and occasional tiger bait Siegfried and Roy are planning a one-time comeback show, part of a fundraiser for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute.  And yes, it will include the tiger, Montecore, who mauled Roy.  The two performers have stuck to their (possibly moronic) belief that Montecore was not simply acting like a normal tiger lashing out against her keeper, but in fact sensed that Roy was having a mini-stroke and was dragging him offstage to safety.

Barron Hilton Released From Jail… But Is He Gay?


Paris Hilton’s hard-partying younger brother was released from jail today after landing in the drunk tank on charges of suspicion of driving while intoxicated. His parents refused to post bail in favor of “tough love” despite the fact that they have, in the past, publicly held their daughter Paris’ skeletal, bronze-streaked hand through her own more publicized stints behind bars. Could it be that the Hilton family is turning the cold shoulder to their son because he’s gay? Author and former club kid James St. James posted the following allegation on The WOW Report yesterday, raising our eyebrows and our hopes (’cause if Barron is following in his sister’s drunk footsteps, might we have a gay sex tape in our future?):

“When I was in Vegas over New Year’s I met a guy who SWORE to me that he had just been partying with Paris Hilton and her little brother Barron, and that Barron was a BIG LADY! YES! In fact, the two of them had “fooled around,” and the next morning, my friend woke up wearing Barron’s clothes, whatever that implies. I just thought I would throw that little story out there in light of today’s news of his arrest. Plus, he’s awfully cute, so I HOPE it’s true.”

That makes all of us. After the jump, check out some other recent “are they or aren’t they” headlines that have had us guessing and instant-messaging.

5 Ways to Ease Your Valentine’s Pain


We kneaux! Valentine’s Day is here and all you’ve got for distraction is your gym membership, your New Year’s diet and your right hand. Most of your friends are either paired off or they’re such embarrassing drunks you don’t want to be caught dead hanging out with them on V-Day because it’s only going to lead to another depressing, all-too- familiar, shouty conversation with some other sad singles down at the bar-and it might even lead to a fight. So, because we love you (even though no one else does), we offer you this survival guide.

Dolly Parton’s Tits Are Finally Starting to Ruin Her Life


…Or so we’d think after hearing the news that every fag’s favorite country singer and living cartoon Dolly Parton was forced to cancel her upcoming tour due to back-related health problems. We imagined sweet Dolly might be holed up in Dollywood with a thermometer in her mouth, being tended to by plaid-clad farmhands in straw hats and serenaded by bluebirds, while Disney flora and fauna from around her windowsill weep with worry, until her press release reminded us that not even lugging around two triple-H cups with a back-brace can get our good old girl down!

A Million (or More Likely a Few Thousand) Fags to Call Fred Phelps On His Bullshit


We were pretty impressed / flabbergasted by the Rev. Fred Phelps (he of “God Hates Fags” and Matthew Shepard/Heath Ledger funeral protest fame) when he made the leap of logic necessary to start schilling his own special brand of hate at military funerals for fallen (straight) soldiers in Iraq.  The logic seems to be thusly constructed: America is a Sodomite paradise that allows gay people freedom to exist and even gives us a few basic rights, therefore fighting as an American soldier means fighting for Sodom, for fag rights, and therefore you deserve to die. Got that?  Yes, we agree, it’s completely, psychotically retarded.  But now a few good gays are organizing a Million Fag March on Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas on March 30, which will constitute the first time Phelps has faced

FDA: Vain Should Be a Little More Wary of the Botox


You might have a few more years behind you than you have in front of you and you might be tempted lately to go in for a couple of quick shots to soften up those crow’s feet and remove all traces of surprise from your upper face.  But just hold on a minute, dollface.  The FDA has issued a warning that Botox may in fact be a little more dangerous than was once believed.  The anti-aging serum-which everyone who hasn’t been living in a shoe for the last decade knows comes from a poisonous substance known as botulinum toxin-has long carried warnings that the spreading of the drug beyond the injection site can lead to possible death. However this is the first time that such deaths have been documented in multiple individuals who do not already suffer from a neuromuscular condition.

Jett Blakk’s 7 Tips For Seducing Straight Men

IN-HowtoSeduceStraightTH.jpg When GayVN-winning director Jett Blakk sent us the porno How To Seduce A Straight Man, we were curious if we could use it to replicate his success. Three black eyes later, we filed suit against the director. Turns out, we were doing it all wrong. As part of his settlement, Jett Blakk agreed to give us actual tips for seducing straight men. While courage, both liquid and otherwise, is in involved in these recipes, we have to say they work better than the penis in the popcorn trick that nearly resulted in a situation that would have required Romaine Patterson to save us.

What the End of the Writers’ Strike Means for the Fagosphere


Now that the Writers’ Guild of America has voted overwhelmingly to end their strike and trot on back to work today, the gay world can exhale knowing that the Oscars, our own very special Super Bowl, will proceed as planned.  Also, it becomes clear that God must love us-despite what Governors Romney and Huckabee would have you believe-because the end of the strike also means that several more of our favorite shows will be returning by April and we won’t be stuck with nothing on earth to live for besides Top Model.  After the jump, our top five reasons not to reach for the Seconal and end it all just yet.

Porn Stars Turn Out To Support Marc Jacobs


While the promised threesome of Marc Jacobs, Jason Preston and Erik Rhodes didn’t materialize until later in the night, when the three celebrated Rhodes’ birthday, the boys were all together at the show to celebrate the end of Fashion Week. Marc Jacobs’ show this past
Friday in New York City, along with a who’s who of fashion luminaries (Anna
Wintour, Heidi Klum), indie rock gods (M.I.A., Sonic Youth, Debbie Harry) and two rappers who we really can’t fit in the same category (K-Fed and Li’l Kim). According to the Daily News:

“All three of them got dirty on the dance floor and in a banquette. It was Jason touching Erik and Erik touching Jason and both of them touching Marc all night long.”    

We told you!   

Queens, Unicorns, and Marilyn Manson: This Magical Week in Gay Photos

GC-phototop.jpg Oh, what a gay week it was! In between fashion week parties, Marc Jacobs’ assorted scandals, and Cher‘s diva meltdowns during Grammy practice, there were actually some photos taken that we feel emerged at the top of the big, flaming, online-media heap. From mesh-covered Manson fans to John Mayer in a major one-sy, we chose ten faggy photos that will be burned into our retinas for longer than we care to think about. After the jump, see who made the top ten on our gaydar for the unbearable workweek of February 4th through 8th!

40% of Gay Men Dumb Enough to Trust Sex Partners


In a study that was brought to our attention by the UK Gay Times, it seems that 40% of gay men who claim to “know” their sex partner’s HIV status were in fact using a sophisticated detection system known as drunken guesswork.  The Times also asserts that “around a third” of gay men do not know their own HIV status, which is all the more reason never to trust anyone’s craigslist post that says “HIV- UB2,” let alone your own instincts after 8 margaritas and a Miller Lite.

John Mayer Caught In Borat-Style Thong


God bless the internet. A random teenage girl, obsessed enough with
John Mayer to go on a Mayer-themed cruise (the Mayercraft Carrier, natch) with her mom, happened to
catch some fun on her camera.  We’re
suspicious of the teen blogger’s overt shock and awe when she sees
Mayer vamping for the camera and oiling up his male friend “in a very
sexual manner,” especially since she was so intent on capturing the shower-nozzle masturbation material.  John, you rogue! Frankly, to us the shot looks like a bunch of drunk straight
boys clowning around on a private deck prior to banging the baby fat off of some teenyboppers. Why didn’t she get us pictures of that? More pics after the jump.

Exit Polls: Hillary and Gays, BFFs


Hillary Clinton appears to be the favorite choice among gay voters  California and New York, according to exit polling data released after Tuesday’s primary election.  We’re not sure how exit polling works but we wonder if they even bother to ask the LesBiGay question anywhere besides the two largest blue states on the map.  Ole Hill won 60% of the gay vote in California, versus 52% of the vote overall.  In New York, Clinton won 59% of the LGB vote, and 57% of the general vote over Barack Obama.  Whether this suggests anything about the affinity of dykes and fags for a female candidate over a straight man, we’ll let you decide.


Cher Understands Gays, Prepares for Upcoming Las Vegas Residency


Okay: we totally understand how that little girl to the left feels right now. The incomparable, irresistable (and immortal?) Cher has announced that she will in fact inherit the echo chamber formerly occupied by Celine Dion’s vein-bulging howl at the Caesar’s Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas, NV. Beginning May 6th, she’ll perform four nights per week for one month, and then return in August, switching off engagements with Bette Midler in a contract that extends for three years.

Sitting down for two interviews with USA Today, the living legend discusses life, love, paparazzi (“They’re meaner now,” she says, invoking the wisdom that only comes with vampirical age), and yes, THE GAYS:

Toxicology Reports of the Stars

CS-ToxicologyTH.jpg Following the release of Heath Ledger’s post-mortem toxicology report today (Wowza. Good show, Sir.), we thought we’d bring you a few other luminaries’ autopsy details, you know, for a little exercise in compare-and-contrast and a helpful reminder to us all what pills not to mix.  Case in point: Were you aware that, much like our favorite deceased fictional gay cowboy, Anna Nicole also had a cocktail of several benzos in her system when she croaked?  We loved her.  And what’s up with everybody “accidentally” croaking in the winter?  Appreciate our research, after the jump.

Ted Haggard: One Year Older, Still a Big Tweaker ‘Mo


The Rev. Ted Haggard-our favorite meth-abusing Christian homosexualist-has officially cut ties with the New Life mega-church in Colorado Springs from which he was forced out as head pastor in 2006. In a statement last night announcing the split, church officials have cited the unfinished business of Haggard’s “spiritual restoration,” which may or may not have entailed electrodes to the testes and getting locked in an iso tank with Jenna Jameson posters. This is a switch from a year ago, when a four-member oversight panel at the church declared Haggard “completely heterosexual” after three weeks of intense counseling. 

Finally, COLT Joins the Poppers Trade


“From the studio of real men comes a real smell,” reads COLT’s catalogue copy for their new Alkyl Nitrite product, FUEL. In the second most exciting product release of 2008 for throwback fags born two decades too late, COLT has paired up with time honored video-head cleaner manufacturer Lockerroom (“experience the rush” of clean videotapes!) to produce this leather cleaning solution that will have your head swimming and your anus gaping in no time.

American Apparel’s Big Gay Model Search


American Apparel is well-known for its risqué ad spreads featuring some of Los Angeles’ youngest and most agile young girls romping around in leotards, oftentimes topless. When is it, we’ve wondered, that it’ll be possible to drive down Sunset and see equal opportunity skin displays on billboards? When is Dov Charney going to throw us a big gay bone and feature some hot unknown guys in their ads, bending over and romping with equal abandon, perhaps in their ubiquitous AA multi-colored briefs? It seems the long overdue endeavor is finally in the works, courtesy of our favorite fag-rag, BUTT Magazine. “American Apparel is cruising for some new faces (and other body parts) to star in its advertisements in the upcoming issues of BUTT,” the magazine’s website recently posted. BUTT readers (and registered Buttheads) are encouraged to send in their own snapshots showcasing swag from the cotton-basics-whore-store and if chosen, will receive a $300 shopping spree at their local American Apparel retailer and see their image published as an advertisement in an upcoming issue of BUTT.

UPDATE:The Gays: American Apparel Boy Pix, Unsplayed (Gawker)

Rhodes, Jacobs, Preston: Three’s Company Too!


Designer Marc Jacobs will be unveiling more than his Fall 2008 collection on Friday-according to a source close to porn star Erik Rhodes, it’ll also be the debut of his new polyamorous relationship with Rhodes and fellow porn star Jason Preston. “This Friday will be their first outing together,” the source tells The Sword. “They’re going to take it public at the show.”
It looks like Michael Lucas isn’t the only porn star commanding real estate on Page Six these days…

Marc Jacobs and Erik Rhodes Wrestle For Bottom


Barely a month after his tumultuous split from Road Rules alum Danny Dias, Erik Rhodes is off the market, having been snapped up by none other than Marc Jacobs, and ratcheting the designer’s mid-life crisis to code red. The source this time isn’t Rhodes’ blog but gossip ground-zero Page Six (it’s sort of like the old-fashioned version of Perez Hilton for all you young’uns out there). Like Perez, Page Six’s reporting is just as sloppy… they pull a quote from Rhodes’ “ManNet.com” profile (Uh, we think you guys mean ManHUNT.net.)

Rhodes responded to the story in an uncharacteristically brief post on his blog yesterday.

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