Dom King, Logan Aarons

Celebrate Super Blow Sunday with a Meat Lover’s Pizza

Goddammit, I want to hate you so hard sometimes, shoving all of these silly sitcom setups and damn women into our faces when we just want to get off looking at hot cocks. Like in this scene. But then you cast Dom King and Logan Aarons together, and I just can’t resist.

Dom is setting up for an amazing year, continuing to expand his studio reach after we’ve drooled over his big alpha bod and cock at the likes of CockyBoys (those aggressive fucks of Shae Reynolds and Leo Grand…yes please!) and Lucas Entertainment (his first studio threesome); while Logan—aka Corbin Fisher’s Zane, aka Next Door’s Ace Stone—returned after a seven-year absence looking cuter than ever (sigh…and made him squirt on a turkey…smh).

Dom King Dom King

Dom King Logan Aarons

Logan Aarons Dom King, Logan Aarons

Anyway, these two have been cast in a Super Bowl-themed scene where they hang out with their girlfriends and Dom shoves his big dick up a pepperoni pizza box (apparently, wanted to give the dick-up-a-popcorn-tub gag a momentary rest). It’s stupid. It’s dumb. It’s annoying. But I don’t care, because at the end of the day, if you drown out those damn chicks, we get to see these two hot fuckers having sex, and Logan getting both of his holes stretched by that big damn dick.

Dom King, Logan Aarons Dom King, Logan Aarons

Dom King, Logan Aarons Dom King, Logan Aarons

Dom King, Logan Aarons

I mean, the visual alone of these two in jersey shirts and baseball caps is enough to make me hard as a rock. Especially when they hug, and then when they bro out on the couch together watching the big game…fuck yes. And when they kiss?! Ugh…I surrender to these two studs, be damned.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrate Super Blow Sunday with a Meat Lover’s Pizza”

  1. At least they cast 2 women I wouldn’t mind seeing in a foursome with Dom and Logan, and not that shrieking shrew the usually have

  2. Handsome and muscular Logan Aaron is a worthy bottom for a guy who lives up to his name: Dom King. Get all that Dom dick Logan.

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