#CelebrityCock: Boxer Amir Khan

His leaked pics are just the tip of this scandal.

If you’ve been looking for a distraction from domestic headlines, pop the popcorn and enjoy this one. Amir Khan is a British professional boxer and former unified light-welterweight world champion. According to Boxing Insider, “It is unclear who sold this video to the X-rated website. What is clear is that Khan is no stranger to controversy outside the ring.”

Our #CelebrityCock partners at Cocktails & Cocktalk pointed us in the right direction, then we found there’s a lot more to this tale.

article-2334646-1A20BD07000005DC-544_634x419While Amir has been the subject of sex tape rumors before, things got sticky after he got a wife. It seems the Mrs. loved social media.

nintchdbpict000289455132But Amir’s family was unhappy with what they saw as her skimpy clothing that flew in the face of Muslim standards. As The Sun reports, “THIS is the ‘naked’ selfie of Amir Khan’s wife which sparked a feud between her and the boxer’s family.” Apparently, naked means something much different to them then it does for us.


The Mirror adds, “Faryal was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable,” Amir’s father told Geo News. “We kept asking Amir to tell her not to adopt such a dress code. And even if she had to wear such dresses, please don’t post it on social media.”

Amir-Khans-wife-shares-snapchat-of-his-brotherUnhappy with being taken publically to the cleaners by her in-laws, her chosen method of striking back was posting naked snaps of her brother-in-law. “My dressing is an issue? Double standards? Like Harry [Haroon] laying naked and drunk at a girls house, sisters wearing no “dupatta” [sic]. I guess that’s ok bc that’s there blood and I’m just a daughter-in-law [sic].”

nintchdbpict0002880638094Suffice to say, of you receive an invitation to the Khan family feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan; you should probably decline. If they thought her pics were scandalous, what will they think of their boxer boy without his boxers?




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“The tape is reported to depict former world champion Khan video-chatting with a model he dated years earlier. It’s controversial because the model is not his wife, and in it he is naked and performing a sex act.”




The truth is, now the beast has been released, it doesn’t appear to be all that big a deal at all.


And if this year is anything like the bounty of celebrity peen from last …
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