Chaise Lounge J/O Session Leads To Mason Star’s First Time

Mason Star’s “first time” on the CockyBoys website, of course.

Mason Star has already flip-fucked with Rod Daily, done a three-way with Anthony Romero and Johnny Torque, sucked off (of course) Cody Cummings, and even had sex with a girl (I thought he was gay?). But that was all before, on different websites. Now, as a CB exclusive, his first duo scene (with Jimmy Coxx) is here.

My reaction to Mason Star is the same today as it was when I first saw him: “[Cocky Boys] should put Mason Star in all of their scenes, please.” He’s that good. Not just because he’s hot, hung, and young (well, mainly all of those things), but also because he’s not like some of the other CockyBoys who’ve left me pretty underwhelmed, if not bored (e.g., Brodie Sinclair).

Mason Star actually lives up to the title of a “cocky” boy because he knows how to fuck, he likes it, and it shows.

Mason’s solo and toy scenes:

There isn’t an embeddable clip for the duo scene, so watch the free hardcore trailer on the site.

[CockyBoys: Mason Star]




13 thoughts on “Chaise Lounge J/O Session Leads To Mason Star’s First Time”

  1. OMG! Why THIS one (Mason Star)???? Why? Why? Why? Fucking WHY? I swear, all the hot one’s are gay. I’m gonna go bury my disappointments in a DQ Blizzard cake. :(

    And I for one find his tattoos attractive.

  2. Ok. He is is supers sexy. And WOW that dick. And most of you guys are talking about the furniture!!!! WTF?

  3. One of the most gorgeous guys with one of the best cocks around and you queens are talking about a little tattoo on his chest. For fuck’s sake.

    1. It is like saying “One of the most biggest and most beautiful cocks I have ever seen and the only thing you are talking about is the big wart on it”. Mmmmm yeah. Total boner-killer.

    2. Oh and for Heaven’s sake can we NOT refer to each other as “queens” as an insult anytime there is a disagreement? This is a GAY PORN BLOG.

    3. It’s not such a little tattoo – in fact, it’s pretty huge. And while the symbol itself is cool, it’s very badly placed. Also, aren’t we entitled to be even a little picky in who we choose to masturbate to?

  4. Ya, you said it about the tattoo. Even if it was a little to the right or left it would be less of an eye sore.

    1. THANK YOU! This is one of those things that frustrate me no end. I once saw a furniture store commercial that called it a “chaise lounge” as well. I couldn’t believe it. I wrote to them and said, “There is no such thing as a chaise lounge! You’re a fucking furniture store for god’s sake! How can you not know this?” I never saw the ad again.

      It’s like when I hear staff at the airport say “deplane.” THERE IS NO SUCH FUCKING WORD. The word is “disembark.” and don’t even get me started on “winningest.”

  5. I think I should just copy and paste the same comment on every post in which you introduce a new model.
    I mean look at that tattoo. Wtf? Is there sincerely anyone who thinks this thing at the middle of his chest is attractive? What kind of thought process goes behind such an idiotic thing?

    1. Seemingly it’s an “Eye of Horus – an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.” It’s still ugly though.

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