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Chaos Clyde – Five Years Of Hair Later

A lot has happened to Clyde since 2012. But the biggest question is, has he learned to fuck?

Cylde’s formerly smooth face and body are now covered in hair. And we quickly learn something else. He’s not just looking like a daddy now; he is a daddy. For Clyde, along with fatherhood came the need for diaper money. But, “it’s not just about getting paid. Writes ChaosMen. “He really is fully committed to making the best porn he can.”

It was never Clyde’s approach that was his problem. It was his technique — or lack there of. Has being good in the nursery made him better between the sheets?

chaosmen clyde
cylkde pornback

First stop, the The Sword’s Pornback Machine™. With just five videos from 2012, don’t feel bad if you remember Clyde. If even you did, you probably wouldn’t recognize him now without a little help. He looks a lot different today than when he was cumming in a Fleshjack in his debut solo.

chaosmen clyde
ChaosMen wisely paired him with Noah. Noah is quite the bottom and excels at one thing Clyde was always terrible at, sucking cock. It looks like his oral skills have improved faster than his fucking chops.

chaosmen clyde
While it sure worked for Noah today, I also thought Clyde needs to pipe down some and put the dirty talk into action. Clyde was also somewhat of a slited fucker, sort of standing there and just pushing it in without realizing that’s only half his job. The other half is to make ti feel good. A stint as a bottom might just teach this daddy some new tricks.

[Watch “Clyde & Noah Riley RAW”]


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