charlie puth alleged naked pics

#CelebrityCock: Is That Really Charlie Puth?

Charlie Puth was one of the boys in Charli XCX’s new single, “Boys” we looked at last week. But according to these alleged videos, playing with other boys is nothing new.

Charlie Puth is a YouTuber who hit the big time when his 2015 song “See You Again”, which he wrote, co-produced, and performed with Wiz Khalifa, was included as a tribute to the late Paul Walker for the “Furious 7” soundtrack.

Now, while Charli promised that Charlie, nor any other of the many boys, were harmed during the making of her video. As for theses alleged videos, we’re not so sure.

His favorite song is “Got To Give It Up” by Marvin Gaye.

We’ve seen the back view …
charlie puth alleged naked pics

charlie puth alleged naked pics

… more than once.

The first leak happened, of course, on Twitter.

And what happens on Twitter…

charlie puth alleged naked pics

charlie puth alleged naked pics

…doesn’t stay on Twitter.



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
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And then there’s this alleged video of Charlie and someone who at least thought it was Charlie.

So if that music gig ever dries up …
charlie puth alleged naked pics…perhaps a gay porn reboot of Charlie’s Angels will be cumming to a monitor near you.

The real deal or wishful thinking? What say you?



5 thoughts on “#CelebrityCock: Is That Really Charlie Puth?”

    1. Ah i dont think so, look carefully at wrist, his hair starts much earlier than puths arms which arent very hairy!

      i zoomed for like 10 mins beforr realixing lol

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