#CelebrityCock: Chef Franco Noriega

He calls himself the Naked Chef but in reality, he’s been the almost naked chef. Until now.

“It’s just how I live. Go home, take my shoes off, take my clothes off. I’ve been cooking naked with knives for the longest time, so I feel pretty comfortable chopping,” states Chef Franco.

He doesn’t do all of his work in the kitchen. Franco Noriega has modeled Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss, and was a creative director at Macy’s. The man’s a walking billboard of hotness. And as our #CelebrityCock partners at Cocktails & Cocktalk love to say, he shows it off every chance he gets.

Clearly, more people tuned in to see his chia pet than actually for his chia pudding recipe.

His Instagram is the things wet dreams are made of …


A post shared by Franco Noriega (@franconorhal) on

And, of yes, the back view is equally enticing …

And as far as the most important meal of the day … !Bueños dias, amigo!

He did give us a “heads up” on how he feels about his cock …


A post shared by Franco Noriega (@franconorhal) on



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
gary beadle naked picsOver 20,000 reasons why. And eight new ones every day!


And now it’s our turn to weigh on …

If this is the real deal, it reaffirms what we always knew: he’s packing a lot more than just a baby eggplant.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

On the other hand, only he knows if it’s abs-olutely genuine.

So … anybody suddenly hungry for some Peruvian cuisine?

Bone appetite!

#CelebrityCock Bonus: Brittany’s man Sam Asghari

Although this is making the rounds today, it first appeared in time for us all to give thanks. Eight months later, just a delicious. You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “#CelebrityCock: Chef Franco Noriega”

  1. the dick pic is not one of noriega’s… that is the model Colin Brazeau… search for his nude pics on google and you’ll find the same pic

    1. Brazeau! Thanks for doing the Jessica Fletcher duties on this one. I was too eager to pin the dick on the donkey.

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