Chi Chi LaRue On Hosting The Grabbys: “The Shopping In Chicago Is Ridiculous”

I recently had the chance to sit down over email with the one and only Chi Chi LaRue for some girl-on-girl talk about this weekend’s pending insanity in Chicago. Namely, Chi Chi’s hosting duties at the Grabbys on Saturday night. What will she wear? What is her advice to all the nervous nominees and presenters? Here is everything she told me!

The Sword: Hi Chi Chi! Tell me, what’s the best part about hosting the show?
Chi Chi LaRue: Reconnecting with people I haven’t seen for a while, working with Mark and Stacey from Grab magazine is always a terrific experience, and the shopping in Chicago is ridiculous.

And what’s the worst part about hosting the show?
Not being able to watch it, and the shopping in Chicago is ridiculous.

What is something that fans or people in the audience can expect from this year’s show?
The same spontaneous wit and humor from Honey West and I, and three very, very different co-hosts with very different characters. I told Tony Buff that he could do something to me on stage–let’s see if it happens.

Talk about your co-hosts more.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shane Frost and Dean Monroe many times. Have not been lucky enough to work with Mr. Buff as of yet, but I must admit–girlish giggles–he intimidates me in a good way. As for Honey West, we’ve done this 12 or 13 times (I’ve lost count), and she is a true professional and a gal pal. I love her.

How many costume changes will you be doing? Are you going for an overall theme?
Six costume changes. My overall fashion statement this year is 80s glam meets rock chic.

The Grabbys wouldn’t be the same without you, but if you couldn’t do it, who would you want to replace you?
That’s a silly question. There is no replacing me. OK, if I had to say someone, nuns excluded, Jackie Beat. But it’s my pleasure to do it, and I’ll be back every year until they tell me to go away.

Any advice to nervous nominees and presenters?
This is a fun–and I mean this in a good way–shit show. It’s for the fans, and it’s for us in the industry to stroke our own egos more than we already do. And, it gives us all a reason to guzzle lots and lots of booze and make fools of ourselves–me included.


The 2011 Grabbys will be presented on Saturday, May 28th at the Park West Theatre. For live updates from the event, follow TheSword on Twitter.

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