Chi Chi LaRue On Why Johnny Hazzard Left, Why Brent Everett Came Back, And Why She Had Gastric Bypass

In between telling her why she’s amazing, Jason Sechrest actually asked Chi Chi LaRue some questions in a recent interview for Frontiers. And the questions were good!

The answers were good, too, and maybe that’s the benefit of having someone interview their best friend. Sechrest obviously knows LaRue better than a lot of people, and he was comfortable and insightful enough to ask the questions that others might be afraid to. So, if you can put up with Sechrest being in awe of her (he literally has a question that includes the phrase, “I am in awe of Chi Chi LaRue”), this is a great read.


Jason Sechrest: […] What is it about [Brent Everett]?
Chi Chi LaRue: It’s hard to answer! I know he’s got a fabulous hard, big cock ready at any time, but it’s more than that. He has something really special. Of course he still looks like he did the first time I shot him years ago. That face never changes. I have to say, he was very odd in the beginning. He would leave and come back to the biz and leave and come back, but the one thing he did was he always came back to me. In fact the only time he ever worked for anyone else after meeting me was the one time I cast him in a Falcon Studios movie with Roman Heart.

JS: So there’s a loyalty factor there.
CCLR: Yes and you know he could barely speak to me when I first met him. He was a very silent and shy boy who would walk outside and sit alone until he was ready to go. His real persona is still very different than what he is when he’s on screen or on stage. And if you become friends with him, he’s just kind of kooky and fun to be around.

JS: I know Johnny Hazzard recently left C1R to work for other studios. His face was as synonymous with Channel 1 Releasing as yours. Was this a mutual decision?
CCLR: I will always consider him the face of Channel 1 Releasing. It was a mutual agreement between him and I that he would leave. He really only wanted to work for Randy Blue though. He said to me on the phone that if he leaves he doesn’t want to be like every porn star who goes and works for any studio that would hire him. He was only interested in doing work with Randy Blue and maybe Titan.

JS: But why did he have to leave at all?
CCLR: He was under contract for 7 years and he was making a lot of money and we loved him, but we couldn’t offer him enough scenes at the amount of money we were paying him to justify keeping him. And if you’re going to go, what better place to go than Randy Blue? He will still work for us. He’ll always be a part of our family, just not as an exclusive.

JS: What are the best and the worst things that have happened to your studio C1R in the past few years?
CCLR: Opening Chi Chi LaRue’s retail store in West Hollywood and having it be a huge success was one of the best for sure. Brent Everett, of course and getting to use all his boys from As for the worst, having to let Johnny Hazzard go as a contract player was sad and the horrific problem of piracy and what it has done to hemorrhage every studio’s income is awful. That and AEBN/Raging Stallion/Falcon/Studio 2000 signing everyone and their brother to a contract so we can’t use them. …Bitter? Yes. (laughs)

JS: It’s funny to me that you’d be bitter of anyone because I think there’s a lot of people out there who feel like you’re the queen and what would you ever have to be bitter about? There’s certainly a few directors, studios and porn stars who have animosity towards you. Where does that stem from do you think? Jealousy?
CCLR: That would be so easy to say yes to. Yes, they’re all jealous of me!

JS: Do you really believe that though?
CCLR: I don’t know! What do you think? Believe it or not, I feel the same way about other studios. I’m jealous of them too so we should all just shut the fuck up and kiss and make up.

JS: It’s hard to make up with someone when a fight hasn’t even been acknowledged though. All of the animosity and jealousy and bitterness tends to go on behind each other’s backs it seems.
CCLR: That’s how this industry has always been! Kiss you, then stab you. There’s no one in this industry I couldn’t walk up to and give a hug and a kiss to.

JS: You had gastric bypass surgery two years ago and I know, because I was with you when you made the decision, that it really wasn’t a vanity thing. You did it for your health and to rid yourself of diabetes.
CCLR: I was ready for another heart attack. I was type 2 diabetic with such high blood sugar that at any moment I could’ve fallen into a coma. I was the cliché fat person. So I did it because I couldn’t lose weight any other way. I had no will power. I couldn’t diet. I was an emotional eater, a stress eater, an everything eater. Still am! Just in a different body now so I can’t eat to the point I did before or I would explode obviously.

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4 thoughts on “Chi Chi LaRue On Why Johnny Hazzard Left, Why Brent Everett Came Back, And Why She Had Gastric Bypass”

  1. There’s something odd about ChiChi’s reasoning about the gastric bypass surgery. People with no willpower still have to train themselves to eat less way before the surgery or otherwise their stomach is going to explode if they hang on to their old eating habits (the mind wants what it wants, right?).

    I love Johnny Hazzard and wish him well. Randy Blue might be a hit or miss, but it does feature some great models I admire.

  2. I’ve always seen ChiChi as a comedic icon in the gay porn industry, but I really do have much respect for him after these comments. I didn’t find a single BS response it was all completely honest.

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