Sharok, Avery Jones

Choke On It! Sharok Gets a Grip On Avery Jones

The spit slides and slobbers from everywhere in this slick and sticky encounter, where alpha Sharok has just the cure for the heartbroken twink.

Fresh off a breakup, Avery Jones wasn’t expecting stranger Sharok to rock his world…but that’s exactly what happens in this explosive afternoon of passion. After food and conversation, Sharok is soon sliding his two fingers into Avery’s mouth—and we’re off to the races! Avery soon gets his face fucked, spit dangling from his chin as his face gets redder and redder the deeper Sharok’s cock plunges inside.

Sharok, Avery Jones Sharok, Avery Jones

The dom turns Avery around and eats his ass, burying his face in his crack—where gobs of spit continue to drip. Sharok fingers Avery’s hole and then fucks him deep, soon taking a break to get his knob slobbered on again. Sharok resumes his control when Avery starts riding his cock by holding his arms behind his back and thrusting up into him, where we gets to see more of that hot sticky goo cling and stretch from Sharok’s groin to Avery’s ass (so hot!).

Sharok, Avery Jones Sharok, Avery Jones

Avery then turns around and sits on Sharok’s face for a tongue fuck. The top effortlessly lifts up Avery, still impaled on his cock, and puts him on all fours to eat his ass again before pounding the bottom from behind—where he continues to grip the bottom’s neck.

Sharok, Avery Jones Sharok, Avery Jones

Sharok flips him over, sucking Avery’s feet and kissing him as he drills the bottom.  Avery shoots his load, Sharok soon probing the bottom’s hole with almost all of his fingers before delivering a facial that gets gobbled up. Love that pig play!

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2 thoughts on “Choke On It! Sharok Gets a Grip On Avery Jones”

  1. I HATE this choke thing, as a top I have ever met a bottom who wanted to be choked, nevertheless the pairing is excellent but sex without kissing and wetting the bottom : TEDIOUS BORING, a waste of the hot guys in spite of the story line

  2. Sharok used to be a hot, hairy man. Now he looks like a plucked chicken. No chest hair and no man-bush makes him look soft & squishy.

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