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Chris Hemsworth Gets Naked For Latest ‘Thor’ Trailer

Listen… I think it should be pretty common knowledge at this point that if there’s some thirsty superhero content out there, then we’re gonna be posting about it. In the past, we’ve compared hot Batman actors, shown off shirtless Spider-Men, given you some bare MCU ass, and even listed off the best Marvel gay porn parodies out there. We’re horny nerds and we’re fine with it.

That all being said, if you watched the latest trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, then you know there’s one special in it that you just know we have to talk about. Towards the end of the MCU trailer, we get to watch Russell Crowe, who is taking on the role of Zeus, demonstrate a superpower I’m sure we would all love to have – the ability to completely remove the clothes of a chained-up Chris Hemsworth.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a red band trailer (unlike that other recent movie trailer we told you about) and we’re never given the chance to actually see Chris’ bare ass when his clothes are shot off. His muscular buns are totally blurred out in the video, but we’re holding out some hope that this show will be uncensored when it actually hits theaters. So let’s all sit and pray to Zeus and the MCU gods that Thor: Love and Thunder will be the first major MCU movie to feature some actual cum-worthy nudity.

So what do you think about this new movie? Will you be watching? Do you think the actual movie will feature an unblurred version of that juicy Thor ass? Sound off below and be sure to click through if you want to see a roundup of Chris Hemsworth’s past nude moments.

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8 thoughts on “Chris Hemsworth Gets Naked For Latest ‘Thor’ Trailer”

  1. Hot hot hot! I did like his look when they cut his hair in one of the last movies!
    Short or long hair he could rumble is thunder at me any day!

  2. Yum yum! Bet his wife isn’t too happy as she said once that she didn’t want him taking his shirt off anymore….. too jealous to share I guess. To be fair he took everything off shame you can’t see his hammer!

  3. Hopefully he’ll more nude scenes and show of his amazing ass like he did in Rush. Maybe one day we’ll get to see his might thor

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