[UPDATED] #CelebrityCock: Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes has been the darling of the reality show circuit where his fellow cast members have bestowed on him the moniker of “Chris Huge”. And his latest stunt really took balls.

[UPDATED November 29] – Scroll to bottom to see his latest ballsy move.

Chris Hughes first showed up on iTV’s “Love Island”, home to another infamously big reality show shlong, Mitch Palmer.

Then, Chris went on to join the very bountiful eggplant parade on “Ibiza Weekend” and of course, into #CelebrityCock.

Chris is now a cast member of their latest, “Celebrity Haunted” There, a number of celebs are given fugitive status and go on the run for 28 days, while trying to avoid some of the world’s best investigators.

A constant thread has been Chris’ bromance with castmate Kern.

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Moments like this, I live for 🍑

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Ever the prankster, Chris and his camera followed Kern right into the shower.

But back on “Celebrity Haunted”, as explained by our friends at Cocktails & Cocktalk, “Chris and Kem flaunt their bromance over a friendly tennis wager, which sees the loser streak around the court naked …”

chris hughes dick pics

chris hughes dick pics

chris hughes dick pics
Nice as that is … I am with you: where’s the beef?

It was on when he was on “Ibiza Weekend” that he was filmed all rocked out with his cock out. Of course, it was blurred to the TV audience and the full monty version – without the annoying eggplant — was virtually impossible to find since the “Love Island” producers went after everyone who had it.

However … this is such a thing known as screenshots …

chris hughes dick picsLike this one of his bum.



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
chris hughes dick picsOver 20,000 reasons why. And eight new ones every day!


And these two of the much ballyhooed man meat.chris hughes dick pics“Since being in the show Chris has paired up with Olivia, and after seeing this picture, it may explain why she walks like a bow-legged, bum-hip girl.”

If that’s totally at rest, there sure is potential when it wakes up.

[UPDATED November 29]
Chris isn’t exactly known as “that nice guy next door”, however, that stance may soften a bit — no pun intended — after appearing on England’s version of “Good Morning American” to propmote testicular cancer awareness — while of course, managaing to show up his junk and promote himself as well.

“I was around 14 and I noticed like a build up of veins and eventually got it looked at [six years later, aged 20] and they referred to hospitals and I ended up having three operations on my left testicle, and that was more down to safety with infertility, because the veins take oxygen.”



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