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Yes. Too Much Cock Really Is Possible

Last week, we asked the question and today we get the answer. And if this looks like too much cock on Chucho Martin’s face, wait until you see them DPing his ass.

Tim Kruger and his fabled, award-winning ginger dong are pretty famous at Tim Tales.

The same is true for Caio “The Human Kickstand” Veyron.

They are both pretty familiar around these parts. And today, both of those mammoth dicks get more than familiar with Chucho Martin’s parts and at the same time.

chucho martin dp tim tales Tim Tales writes, “We got you a masterclass on the topic of double penetration. Timtales Exclusive Chucho Martin deserves a trophy after shooting that scene. Tim and Caio put his hole to the DP challenge. Chucho takes so much cock, and so massively, it’s almost unbelievable. It’s full rough ramping by our biggest and hardest cocks! Give this man a cookie.”

chucho martin dp tim tales I’m not sure if they actually gave Chucho a cookie, but Tim and Caio gave him a gape you could park a small sports car in. At first, they took it easy on him: just a relentless fuck train to get the juices flowing.

chucho martin dp tim tales Five, four, three, two, one: timber.

chucho martin dp tim tales The DP isn’t here just as a novelty. It’s the main event of the scene and captured from every angle. And between Tim and Caio, they didn’t just double penetrate him, as you can see above, they invented new ways to do it.

[Watch Chucho, Tim, & Caio in “Chucho’s DP Session” at Tim Tales]

Tim Tales last three-way had different cocks – but almost as much length. It was also interracial. Th most obvious difference is today’s scene isn’t bareback. Does that make a difference to you?

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