Cliff Jensen Is Out Of Jail

–Walks out of L.A. County jail at 6:10pm Tuesday night a free man.

–Domestic abuse charge dropped; NO extradition to Florida “at this time, but they know where he lives now” per agent Howard Andrew.

–At home with Sienna Splash already?

–Girlfriend tweets: “Talk all the shit yu want but we kno the truth. Ily babyyyyy.”


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19 thoughts on “Cliff Jensen Is Out Of Jail”

  1. I highly recommend going to either @cliffjensen or @thesworddotcom ‘s twitter feeds and reading the “fight” that went down about these posts. Its kind of funny in a sad way lol BTW Cliff looked duuuuuuuumb

    1. Truth, for everything to be dropped he must have snitched on someone… The charges could not have been dropped by Miss Splash because domestic depute charges can NOT be dropped in the state of California.

  2. WTF? If I was his dealer I wouldn’t let him even speak to me. He rolled over on some serious shit to get to walk with nothing. I think there might be some people that should watch themselves around him and not let him get any evidence of criminal activity. Just saying. Then again it might be hard to wear a wire when you naked.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head Alex! Where I come from when you see dudes with rap sheets the length of a Burberry scarf but they walk away scott free, they’ve went in there singing on somebody else just like you said but I’ve also seen people like him enjoy freedom for only a short amount of time because they become cocky and arrogant and that is usually the cause of teir demise. I think Cliff has the potential for greatness and if he would drop the wanna-be “white boy thug” persona and realize that somethings need to be unbroadcast, then I think he might have a cance to make it butas my momma use to always tell us, “A hard head makes a soft ass.”

  3. he’s extremely lucky .I too am perplexed ..hope he’s learned from all this . As long as he’s keeps it humble and keeps it real ,I support him.

  4. He’ll be in trouble again, mark my words on that.
    He has yet to face consquences for anything he has done and because he has a nice body and dick,is enabled by countless people instead of being held to task.

  5. What’s funny is he had (I guess) a very close call and instead of pulling up and heading to Oregon to work in a Target, he and his girl are probably going to double down on stupid-fuck.

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