Cliff Jensen’s Girlfriend: “Free CJ”

My new favorite person, porn star Sienna Splash, is evidently having second thoughts about having her gay porn star boyfriend Cliff Jensen arrested for domestic abuse. As previously reported, Miss Splash is set to drop the charges against “CJ” when he appears in court on Tuesday. I highly recommend following her on Twitter.

And, a glamour shot of Sienna Splash, in case you were wondering what she looks like:


18 thoughts on “Cliff Jensen’s Girlfriend: “Free CJ””

  1. wow- looks like I touched a, cliff , I’ve never met you and your issue with me is what ? that I gave my OPINION on a porn blog, just as others here have? And while you’re upset that I made ‘personal attacks ‘ on your girlfriend ,that did not stop you from doing the same to me, which instead of offending me (which was the obvious intention ) made me laugh ,because I know myself and I know the truth. If you want to make an effective argument against personally attacking people, you should practice what you preach though. And I’m sure you noticed that the comments about you were also less than pleasant from other posters, yet you chose to dissect mine. Interesting . While you sat there telling yourself how ‘confused ‘,’bitter’,and ‘jealous’ I am, did you ever stop to think WHY my post of a only a few sentences among the MANY stories and comments about you , offends you so much? And what it says about you and the perceptions of your own reality ? Usually , when someone is so offended by and adamant to disprove something that’s been said about them or their situation , it means it’s because they know somewhere deep inside themselves that there is a major truth to what the other person is saying ,whether they consciously acknowledge it or not. Maybe,just maybe , that is the case here. And if it is,you should seriously re-evaluate your life below the surface and make positive changes.

    I know that you’re a humble person , but I stand by my observation from seeing how you interacted with fans through twitter , that you were becoming a bit egotistical . that was my OPINION,which I’m entitled to . Perhaps , I should have stated it as such in my previous post. But since the last week or so, I’ve noticed that you have mellowed out from the egotistical BS. as far as being jealous goes, I wouldn’t say that. I just think you could raise your standards a bit more. Without stepping on your toes again ,thats all I’ll say on that matter. When my favorite models (believe it or not ,you’re still one of them,lol) is in a relationship ,and they’re with someone who seems complimentary to them physically ,mentally ,emotionally– I root for them. case in point – porn couple until 2009- brad star and angel skye. I love brad and would have him to myself if I could lmao, but if he’s going to be in a relationship with someone ,I’d say angel and he were perfect together . and there was no jealousy with them on my part whatsoever . It’s your choice who you’re with and who you surround yourself with .I’m just saying choose wisely . Despite my negative remarks towards you and sienna , I don’t wish either of you ill will. And in fact , if you read my comment on another article about you from last week , you will see that I still support you. Please continue to be humble and keep shooting hot scenes !

  2. what an ugly girl . apparently cliff’s only with her because she has a big ass (a fetish of his) . hope he learns from this .this is what happens when you fuck hoes-DRAMA. he’s not innocent either .he was getting way too arrogant and ahead of himself . he needed to be knocked down a couple of pegs.smh

    next time cliff, keep it humble and keep it real

    1. I’m quite curious about where these accusations of yours root from Alexis. Considering you have never met me or my fiance in your entire life, and it’s actually really unfortunate that you have to take out your issues on other people and deflect from your own confusion.

      You sit at home and call me arrogant by personal judgements you have made, yet, I’m actually quite humble. It’s more about being observant and only associating with people who carry themselves in a manner to excel (not bringing others down)

      But I still don’t understand how you end up on yet ANOTHER post about my fiance. Yet again, your pure focus is attacking her as an individual, when you know absolutely nothing. Why do you feel the need to insult my beautiful girl? out of spite? perhaps jealousy? maybe your just a bitter&single. Whatever your problem is, I would strongly advise you to educate yourself on relevant issues and get your facts straight before you continue to disrespect two good-hearted people who are trying to make a positive change in their lives and a positive difference in our industry.

      Oh, keep in mind, all the negative energy you put out will come back full circle when you least expect it. It doesn’t just go away. Your a sad girl, hopefully you can find peace.

    2. i have never seen sienna in any movies but u are clearly jelous of her Alexis, if that blonde haired girl in that picture above is sienna the one you are talking about in your comment judging by the picture above of the blonde haired girl she is one of the hottest girls i have ever seen, shes perfect defitnatly a ten. Judging by your name Alexis you are a girl dont take out your anger on another girl that you probably no nothing about or never met or be jelous of,and dont try to say stuff that is not true beacause anyone could see that girl in the picture is really hot, Alexis start to believe in yourself be more condfident dont take out anger on people becaue your frustrated with your on looks and life

  3. I think everything is fine! This is just the routine of normal life. :p

    But seriously, american 18 old people can’t drink but they can do porn! That’s a really better way to screw someone’s life!

  4. These 2 are both pathetic. Him for hitting her and her for feeling bad about calling the police. I feel bad for those sad piercings because you look and sound ridiculous.

  5. What a dumbass. She gets hit by the guy and then she regrets putting him in jail? Seriously women are stupid sometimes.

  6. Oh, honey, no. . .If he hits you once, he’ll keep on until you put yourself out of harm’s way or he puts you in the grave.

  7. I was looking through his Twitter and hers and some people talking back-n-forth said he put the brakes on “her doing guys in movies when YOU DO”. Think that’s what the fight was over?

  8. Unfortunately for both of them, in California it is not possible to “Drop the charges” on Domestic Violence. Even if the significant other changes their mind, te State of California will always continue to pursue charges on behalf of the People. An accusation of DV in California is not something that easily will go away. Sorry Cliff and Sienna!

  9. Wow, her body, style, and hue all manage to convey “bald pussy” in perfect harmony. Startling and efficient. I like it. And those eyes! Moving independently like from behind some haunted house painting, following you as you fuck. So cool.

  10. Doesn’t every woman in America know that declaring you want to drop the charges doesn’t stop a criminal domestic violence prosecution? In New York, I’ve seen prosecutors continue to prosecute husbands for domestic violence while their idiot wives are next to them yelling shit about dropping the fucking charges

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