Damian Night, Johnny Donovan

Cocky Coach Johnny Donovan Trains Corbin Fisher’s Roman

Are all of those Hot NFL Coaches getting you in the mood for some hot jock/coach porn as we get closer to Super Bowl Sunday? Men.com is offering up a new series that casts cutie Johnny Donovan as a horny coach, and the debut scene has us wanting to play hard.

Even better news? It also features Damian Night, aka Roman. The hunk made his debut at Men.com last year in a hot Christmas-themed romp, the very first time he ever did a studio scene away from Corbin Fisher. Now he’s back for Round 2, and looking fine as ever. I mean, would you look at these two in (and out) of their baseball uniforms?!

Damian Night Damian Night

Damian Night Johnny Donovan

Johnny Donovan Johnny Donovan

Damian plays a promising jock who wants to improve his skills, and instead of swinging his bad on the baseball diamond, he’d rather swing coach Johnny’s bat into his holes in the locker room. It’s of course a silly set up (this is Men.com, after all), but I don’t care because we get to see these two hunks in uniform as they bro out together. Damian works up a hot lather on Johnny’s cock, then stays in his jockstrap as he takes it doggy against the lockers.

Damian Night, Johnny Donovan Damian Night, Johnny Donovan

Damian Night, Johnny Donovan Damian Night, Johnny Donovan

Damian Night, Johnny Donovan Damian Night, Johnny Donovan

He then takes it in a few positions on the bench, his own cock staying stiff as he sits down on coach. (I’m loving the high socks on both of them, especially Johnny’s orange ones…although I wish they kept those caps on the whole time!) Johnny finally scores in Damian’s hole, and I can’t wait to see more of this series (and of Damian…maybe as a top or versatile, too? Please?!)

See the full scene at Men.com!


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