CockyBoys Confirms: Jett Black Was Fired

As I reported yesterday, Jett Black has been fired from CockyBoys. Today, CockyBoys’ owner Jake Jaxson has released a statement confirming the news. Here it is:

Jett Black is no longer with CockyBoys. Yesterday I terminated his contract. After multiple attempts to rebuild trust with Jett, he chose to violate the terms of our agreement, and for the protection of my business, my staff and other performers I had no choice but to end our relationship.

As many of you know, I have stood firmly by his side. This past year, I have supported him while he dealt with being expelled from his ballet school— an outcome he fully expected— and the subsequent attention surrounding his decision to become an adult performer. I gave him all the support and resources I could offer. Once released from the RWB, he was literally homeless, and without hesitation we gave him our apartment in the city. Having no other income, we advanced him funds ahead of his work, and needing a routine and balance I created a work space for him at our office — teaching him how to make additional income by becoming an affiliate, and mentoring him by teaching valuable job skills that could benefit him beyond just being a performer. He had unlimited access to my most valuable team members, and access to information that was intended to help him grow within OUR Company. But while I was giving him support and teaching him, he was laying the ground work for an “exit” that provided him maximum benefit at my expense.

I will never understand his actions. Nor do I need to. Such is life and today is a new day.

[Jake Jaxson]

A source tells The Sword that Jett Black was terminated for a variety of offenses, including his attempt to secretly share CockyBoys’ confidential financial records with another company.


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  1. hellofromhonolulu

    So here’s some things I know about Jett:
    1)extremely manipulative (you can tell from all his drama seeking)
    2) hungry for fame no matter how he gets it (‘omg i was expelled from a ballet school because i do porn, how unfair is that!!’ like seriously? you’re dancing alongside very young children and so of course it’s going to be an issue, not to mention that gay porn is already not accepted in many professions and is frowned upon in society, sorry about it but thats how it is)
    3) hes an awful person and lies to everyone no matter if its his fuckbuddies or “friends”
    4) just overall a sickeningly disgusting person who does not deserve an ounce of the fame he’s seeking, this may all sound awful but i mean come on why else would he have been fired from cockyboys and also ballet school. he obviously has something wrong with him and its anoying to see his ‘fans’ who think he’s the nicest person ever i mean after meeting him at his new york function i knew he was a total fake and an awful person overall and he disgusted me/

  2. 1st) Jett Blakk was never anything special so MEH on him

    2nd) Jake meet KARMA – as you once tried to steal another companies entire database of customers and got NAILED for it and lost in court..FACT

  3. mmmmmmmm Nutting like porn intrigue. Soon we will find out that Jett Black was in a threesome with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.
    God help us all

  4. Judy A Winters

    I have nothing again Jake Jaxson or any of the Cockyboys. I have nothing against Jett Black.

    It has been mentioned that Mr Jaxson is not paying his Cockyboys fairly, I’ve no idea if that is true or not but I do wonder if any judgement to that effect can be surmised on the evidence that Jett needed monetary and other assistance when he was asked to leave the RWB. He is bound to have unexpected expenses when being forced to relocate and I have heard that NYC is not a cheap place to reside. So I’ll reserve judgement on the ‘fair pay for the Cockyboys’ issue.

    I do think that it seems that Jake Jaxson helped him out at this time and that does show he cares for his ‘boys’ and has integrity and compassion.

    So accepting that as evidence it appears that Jake Jaxson is a great boss. Buts that’s what he is a boss. He runs a business. He is ‘porn for pay’. He isn’t a benefactor running a benevolent society. The funniest tweet I’ve seen in a while came from Max Ryder telling those on twitter not to be gullible.
    This strikes me as ironic as it is from someone who considers Mr Jaxson family. Max (and Jake Bass) he is not your Dad, Uncle, Brother, he is not your family, he is your boss. He makes a lot of money from you having sex on camera.

    If you feel that a family bond does exist perhaps its possible to loosely measure the stretch of the ‘family’ ties…
    I’m sure there are plenty of retirees from the Cockyboy’s ‘stable’. Mason Star
    (@NelsonWikle) springs to mind but there are surely others. The relationship that now exists (or lack of one) may be a barometer of the strength of these family bonds once Cockyboys employment ceases. That is; I am posing the question for others to think about – Do these retirees still have a close relationship with Jake Jaxson and his organisation(?) because this is somewhat indicative of how much value we can place on the claim that they are like ‘family’. Family would generally be defined as relationships that last a lifetime not just the length of an employment contract.

    The issue of family is subjective but something that isn’t is that porn is an industry run for profit.

    So to all the Cockyboys:

    You are first and foremost a profitable commodity to Jake Jaxson. That is not a surprise, not a secret and is in fact completely transparent and hand in front of the face obvious. Capitalism is ok especially when considered against the alternatives so there is nothing wrong with making money but lets not pretend that the motivations are otherwise. And as I say I’m sure as businessmen go Jake Jaxson is ethical, fair, supportive and caring. I repeat – he is likely a great boss. But he is not your family he employs you to create porn generating the income that funds his lifestyle.

    So don’t be gullible

    Hmmmm I noted that Jake Jaxson said in his statement that he wasn’t angry and he forgave. However I don’t think that the statement to The Sword given on the 25th, as the news broke, [from a close source – which almost always means from the person/organisation themselves or at least that it was sanctioned by the person/organisation concerned] – indicates that. With its blackening* of Jett’s name (*there isn’t much humour to this ‘story’ but I’ve just noticed a wee joke, a very wee one granted but there it is! ;) ) and the threat of legal action there is an underlying malevolence to it. It looks to me like they knew Jett would most certainly read the Swords account and they were trying to frighten him. This was all on the day it broke and was no doubt a knee jerk reaction to the events of the day but even so Mr Jaxson, it seems, isn’t quite as saintly as he makes out.

    The financial records thing; well maybe its more that Cockyboys is a smallish organisation and those who have access to their computer system may need access to the financial info for all sorts of reasons so it is accessible across the board. In which case maybe Jett had access by default.

    That said I struggle with the accusation that he tried to defraud them. If it is the case that he stole financial information in order to pass it to a competitor why haven’t the police been alerted and Jett arrested and charged. That level of criminality and betrayal especially in the light of how much help Jake Jaxson had given him after the RWB situation is not something that should be merely overlooked.

    Jett clearly did something, which was at the very least unethical. I’d say the truth probably is he was trying to work for another studio [maybe Lucas Ent. in light of Marc MacNamara’s tweet to Jake Jaxson on the 26th or 27th and I quote ‘I wish Cocky Boys continued success that I know they will have. A lot of changes coming up. Even for me.”] There is no justification for this attempt to break the terms of his contract; Jett knew he was under exclusivity with Cockyboys, however, [and here I am making big assumptions and presuming to have an understanding of someone’s psyche which I clearly don’t have, so to clarify I’m guessing ….] I’m guessing he wanted to maximise his career options once he had burned his bridges with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and was grabbing at opportunities, as they seemed to be presented to him. He was looking after number one, which I think many of us are guilty of. It doesn’t make it right but maybe it gives some context to his rationale.

    Do I think Jett is a bad person, not really, I’d go with impetuous, misguided and very young. He is also without his own family, in a foreign land where the culture is very different from his home in Denmark. Making good judgements can be affected by all of these factors in my experience.

    Nor can I subscribe to the thinking that he is flighty and lacks commitment. Getting a place at a prestigious ballet school is a tremendous achievement and feat of talent, determination and commitment. Hundreds, maybe thousands, apply to attend these schools and only a fraction of these get places. Having seen documentaries on the training and lives of ballerinas I would say that ballet is a hard slog and a way of life not just a career, there is no let up not even on Christmas Day. You are always on a diet and always having to exercise and practice. The regime is relentless. I suggest that it takes courage and a lot of determination to leave your family and homeland, especially so young, to live in a foreign country in a culture alien to your own. I am astonished that he risked his place at the RWB to do porn but I’m sure that the world of a ballet school can be stifling at times and perhaps judgements get blurred in such an all consuming environment.

    When I was his age I often made poor decisions and my judgement, in hindsight, was questionable to say the least. A lot of the people I know feel the same. So I can’t judge Jett Black too harshly especially not on the strength of what has been written, which is essentially only one side of the story.

    1. Regarding your point about Mason Star. It’s no secret, and MANY know that Mason Star left his CBs contract early having taken advances against future work, a common practice with exclusive contracts. When he did not want to shoot anymore, JJ let him out of his contact and was never repaid for the advances. As far as I can tell nether has said anything negative about the other.

      Also, I found Marc MacNamara’s tweets interesting. Even the one about Lucas doing BB porn. Too me it seems like his days at Lucas are numbered. His first one on the jett matter was this. “For the record, I had nothing to do with his employment decision. I am his friend, we hang out but we never discussed his now ex studio.” I took that to mean that Jett was already working at Lucas, the day after he was fired from CB.

      It seems you follow CB and Jett, as do I. However, I take issues with your saying you can’t judge because there is only one side of the story. You do know he was let go from his “prestigious ballet school” for breaking their code of conduct agreement, he admits that and does not blame them and then weeks later he is once again let go from a company he choose to work with, for breaking the agreement and going to work for their competitor. Too me there is pattern of “impetuous, misguided” behavior that seems to be more devious and destructive than the follies of youth.

      1. Judy A Winters

        I’m are far better informed than me that is for sure, and you may well be right on it all. I don’t think we should rename him Jett White thats for sure, I just wonder if he is as black as they paint…

        1. Freddie, the commenter

          No. It was a pleasure to read your post. Very reasonable thoughts, Milady… ‘de Winter'( ” The one that never showed her shoulders “) …Never mind (LOL).

  5. “teaching him how to make additional income by becoming an affiliate”. Wow. So how much was he making off the affiliate program? Like $105.00 every 3 months? Jett Black is such a fool! You guys are such martyrs.

    1. LOL! Funny! I think he would get that $105 after the six-month trial period and only maybe.

      I do beg to differ on them being martyrs however. Martyrs sacrifice for other people. They’re primadonna prostitutes that want to be objectified and immortalized and hence here we sit commenting on them.

  6. Jett just posted this on his twitter: “You know me better than this. I am the same Jett I have always been, and the truth will come out one day.”
    Ok he has been “Jett Black” for 6months. That’s how long he has been in porn. He has been fired from two jobs in less than 6months. He posted a note making it seem he was leaving porn, but its confirmed he is working at Lucas Ent. Yeah! I think we know you better than you think we do!

    1. That makes him the gay porn version of the girl on Disney’s Austin and Ally and her ‘guess who got a job at the …’ tag line.

  7. Jett Black is gay for pay trash, he confirmed it on his Twitter and has blogged about being “openly sexual” and NOT gay. He wrote that blog post “Why I aM Not Gay” too. Fuck him and good riddance. Liar.

    1. Jett Black is a flaming queen (read: you can see him from outer space as a bright spot on a photo of Earth). If he disclaims homosexuality it is just because he is ashamed of it not because it is not there. Be disappointed in him because he’s weak-willed maybe but not because he’s not gay.

  8. Jett will be working for Lucas now, although he was already doing so secretly while under contract with CB. What a snake (like the pic suggests LOL). And regarding the Lucas bareback rumors, I can tell you that they are most certainly true.

    Most the Lucas staff was against producing the bareback content, including Marc MacNamara and Adam Killian (who eventually was tasked with filming the scene), but when Michael called their bluff and threatened to fire everyone, they reluctantly gave in. The models were NOT tested. Instead, Richard Winger (Michael’s “husband” LOL) had the models sign disclosure forms stating that if they became infected with HIV (or any STD), they could not hold Lucas Entertainment liable.

    Sales are way down for Lucas, and last I heard they had less than 500 recurring members, which is a complete disaster (Sean Cody has around 42,000 members at last count). The only way Lucas gets attention is by saying “controversial” things to mainstream gay press (e.g., his new Truvada crusade) or by flying porn bloggers out to his shoots in exchange for favorable coverage.

    Desperate times, desperate measures. First the bareback scenes, and now it looks like Lucas got so desperate, he tried to hire a model to steal affiliate and sales strategies from another studio. The clock is ticking…and neither Michael Lucas nor his studio will be around for much longer.

    1. If this is true, seems like a really dumb move by Jett Black. It certainly doesn’t seem like he ‘traded up’. I’ve never seen much of Lucas’s work, but from photos, etc …. Jett also seems to be getting miscast. The bareback seems desperate. If they’ve already lost that much of their audience, it won’t bring them back.

      1. It’s been removed as is the usual Lucas Way. One thing you can tell for sure: that guy is definitely russian. Fuck with him and you wake up in a room tied down(…and not in the fun way) with a bunch of guys pulling out your fingernails with pliers.

  9. Two posts with 130 comments …. the new porn SUPERSTAH …. Jett Black. cockyboys should re-sign him …. that series ‘All About Jett’ (as “Eve Harrington”) has potential !!

  10. Oh. I love this drama. Hope LE release a scene with jett in it. It would prove what a snicky slut he is :)
    Cocky boys should’ve recorded all these drama and add some fucking scene and release it as a new series! It would be the next project gogoboy :)

  11. I’ve never doubt for a second that Jett was a manipulative ambicious little bitch. On the other hand, I don’t believe that Jake is a caring fairy godfather who sole purpose in life is working for world peace

  12. Good. I never liked him. Never understood the hype. Good luck to him though. Ballet doesn’t pay shit anyway.
    What a waste of training though.

    1. Emit's Cum Vibes

      Good point. Years spent on the barre and then he ends up fucking in a hotel bed for with some guys standing around him filming it.

  13. Jake Jaxson’s statement did continue as here “…”:


    “…do I need to. Such is life and today is a new day.

    Am I angry? No! I’m actually grateful.
    I am grateful to Jett for the reminder to LIVE everyday in MY WORD. Grateful I have created a family that I love deeply. Grateful that I work with the most amazing band of quirky, passionate, and talented misfits! Grateful that I’m free to create without limits or constraint. Grateful that I live a life I am proud to Live! Grateful I can forgive.

    Always, Jake Jaxson”


    Let us get it completely in context (emphasis on “Always”): “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much” [Oscar Wilde]

    [Just a thought]

  14. The drama of betrayal. Oh the drama.

    That’s what you get when you treat your business employees like the fuckin’ Brady Bunch. Keep your distance and keep your sensitive data, past, private life, and history away from your boss, employees, or colleagues.

  15. FranklinDoloresRosafelt

    Jett Black is a nasty gay-for-payer and everyone can see that from his blog posts and his dancing/fucking ballerina women in Canada and abroad which means if you’re gonna be mad at CockyBoys be mad and pissed for them hiring a gay-for-payer, but now they fired the gay-for-payer (good thing) so I can’t be mad. You can tell by looking at the evil grin on Jett Black that he was stealing like the source says and now I see pictures of him with Lucas entertainers from last month, so it all makes sense. He got caught and now he;ll go do bareback with Lucas and take Truvada so fuck off and fuck him that Jett Black fucker theif gay-fpor=-paydirt.

    1. Let me get this straight. Are you equating Gay For Pay and being evil? I mean I realize that you Gay For Pay haters are intense but you are just confirming my suspicion that most of you are borderline bat shit crazy.

    2. Yes, from his ‘evil grin’ I can tell he’s a thief. Also, he’s obviously made of wood so he’s a witch and we should burn him…

    3. WHERE are you getting this gay 4 pay, bragging about fucking Canadian Women stuff from? And don’t say it’s from his “Why I Am Not Gay” blog post because he didn’t write that article, he only referenced it and it’s not about being “Straight” anyway.

  16. I don’t believe it. Jett has always been incredibly professional in all of his interactions with fans. How is he supposed to defend himself against the allegations Jake Jaxson made? He can’t! Even if Jett DID do what Jake Jaxson accused him of, I think it’s incredibly unprofessional to release that information. Why not use some vague statement about irreconcilable differences? All his statement does is cause drama.

    He acts like he’s some kind of savior. Even the best porn studio owner is STILL a porn studio owner. It’s not like he’s taking in orphans, he’s using gay men no matter what he says. He’s no saint and I hate his holier-than-thou attitude like he’s some paragon of virtue. Get real.

    1. Fan interaction is hardly the mark of a professional. Don’t you think it is a bit odd that Jett has now been FIRED from back to back jobs. Also, Jaxson released his statement only after Jett release his “I’m moving on” statement. It looks like JJ is protecting his ASSects from, by many accounts, a shady and manipulative pretty boy.

      1. Mmm that’s a good point. It almost feels like he put the business out there bc of how Jett made it seem like he left of his own accord and his fans were wboohooing about it (myself included). Plus Jake’s people were obviously talking if Eric got a source spilling the beans about what really went down. So its like Jake said fuck Jett I’m getting the word out and maybe Jett will get black balled. I don’t know. The whole mess is fucked up. Jett had a good thing going by dancing…which he obviously loved so why even mess with that. And the dig Jake made about that RWB drama was not missed…that was kinda low I thought.

        1. I don’t think the RWB comment was a low blow. I think he is pointing out that this may be a pattern with Jett and he was going to make it known before Jett did it again.

  17. Teotwawki Jones

    Golly when those Canadians get in a swivet all that nicey-nice business flies out the window like a Taco Bell wrapper from a lowrider.

  18. Is it just me, or is ” loves_anthony” utterly stupid? Instead of trying to voice your opinion, you are attacking others for voicing their opinions ( I know I’m attacking yours). You are not achieving anything with your rants, besides showing everyone your lack of grammar, punctuation and the lack of any writing ability of you may have. People might actually take you seriously if you were not so grammatically challenged :).

    1. well, as you named yourself “stupid idiot”, you spared me the need to even try to understand you. your own chosen name explains it all. please don’t attract everyone to be part of your stupidity!

      my point for you : as i see you perfectly could undertand what i meant even though there’s grammar, punctuation mistakes… english’s not my mother’s toungue. i’m attacking people who are attacking other’s opinions by trying to lead us to believe that they know something different without stating any facts nor proofs of whatever they advance.

      i’ll make it clear : we are in a democratic civilised era, opinions are allowed, i respect that. the fact that those opinions could be differents from mine doesn’t matter at all as long as the statements that you’re making are factuals. it would be all the more reason for me to enlighten my point of view. i mean not just announcing “there were nasty things said…” what things said, and most of all why the “nasty” already? can you tell it is not nasty and why it isn’t?! but that could be too hard for you to understand so i’d better not bother lose my time further. you got it??

      1. The name was pertaining to you my dear, sweet, illiterate man. Whilst you may try to act smart and convince people that you had more than a 9th grade education, once again all you have done is open yourself up to embarrassment. Like it has been said previously, the writer of the blog will only report things if they are from credible sources. You may not want to believe the story but grow up and do not denounce anyone who does believe the story. It is easy to see that you are not from an academic background.

  19. I may be the only one feeling this – but after reading Jake Jaxon’s latest post about Jett, coupled with his other posts about family and trust, etc., I’m starting to get the cult vibe for some reason and don’t know exactly why.

    Perhaps it’s because he’s not only using these boys for porn – but he’s also becoming a father figure to them as well and all that goes with that type of relationship. He’s taking “broken lives” and trying to heal them all the while using them as sexual performers in his films.

    I’m not suggesting that there is any of that going on over there – but the thought has crossed my mind after reading more of this.

    1. Exactly right. The subtext of the whole statement is that Jett Black violated the trust of the Godfather. That he’s nothing without the Godfather. That he’s dead to us.

      Like I said in the other post, Cockyboys is the new Treasure Island– a creepy, self-congratulating gay porn cult.

    2. So J. Jaxosn writes a post about giving and expecting trust and mutual respect and that sounds like a CULT to you? If that and looking out for his talent is a “cult vibe” then sign me up!

      1. Since you don’t have to read or write to become a porn-performer – I’m sure someone will consider you. What I said, was, when taken in totality – all of Jake Jaxon’s writings over the past month or two, about trust, family, porn, betrayal, broken people, father figures, etc., and how these boys are being emotionally and mentally nurtured by the one who is presenting them as sexual performers in his films – there lurks the scent (no matter how limited) of cultist behavior.

    3. You may have these feelings but keep in mind one thing: Jett Black had an exclusive contract. I don’t know what tye terms of that contract were but I get the impression that he violated one or more terms of that contract.

      BTW, you’d make a great political pundit for the right wing.You write “I’m not suggesting..” right after you do just that!

    4. Maybe that’s why they’re such great friends with the even more creepy / cultish Bel Ami and that old George fellow.

    5. He does create a family feel but for young troubled kids like Ricky Roman, who was out on his own as a teen or Levi karter, who was a runaway at 15 with a sex offender that caused a nationwide manhunt. He gives these boys love & attention, a chance at ‘fame’, travel and fans along with quick cash. Where are they 10 years from now, we’ll see. Apparently LK is learning about production. These kidsgo to the big city, dance, strip etc for cash. Look at all the $ Jake has. Several large properties – a NYC apartment, other city locations where they film, and a huge lush property upstate. It feels a bit like Hefner and the mansion. A svengali, although considering he’s got 2 partners, I’m hoping he’s not sleeping with the models. Let’s remember it’s a business when this story broke 3 years ago & still today with this generation of models. From the outside, it looks like Cockyboys is a better studio to he associated with than others but who knows

  20. “I will never understand his actions”

    Well let me enlighten you: KARMA! You “use” performers for their physical image and their time and compensate them very poorly compared to what they are actually giving up in the real world when they join the adult industry. On top of that you profit continuously off their image and time investment taking much more than the lions share of any income that their actions produce for you. And now you got used in return by one of them and are screaming I DONT UNDERSTAND. While two wrongs definitely don’t make a right, you certainly got what you deserved Mr. Sleazebag people user.

  21. well, I am sure Mr. Jett Black you are rethinking your decision to do porn and ruin a career as a ballet dancer…

    As I have said before and I will say it again:


  22. so a porn star that has issues and is not trustworthy?……what will they say next…..that porn stars do drugs?

    1. Well, don’t say you got this from me, but I’ve heard that porn stars have sex with other people for money. Shocking, isn’t it?

  23. I may be naive on this but what good would financial records be to a rival studio? They can’t steal talent or imagination with those. Are they ID thrives or something? Please educate me.

    I’m personally torn. While I trust Jakes word, I really like Jett and his work. This whole thing is just crazy to me.

    1. That’s what I was wondering.. maybe it would give the other studio a heads up about what performers Cockyboys might be hiring, or what equipment they use to film shoots, or what locations they planned to film in..

      1. It may not be anything like that. Maybe JB was using the office space to set up shoots with other companies and hence violating his contract

  24. There were some awfully nasty things said about Jake Jaxson & Cocky Boys in the first go-round on this story without facts. I think Jake showed a great deal of class in his blog post and I wish others who posted here earlier would do the same. Next time you feel this strange need to get yourself in print by writing such hateful remarks I hope you stop yourself and think before proceeding.

    1. if u want to make a statement, just be factual and get to the point like saaaayyy something factual or shut the fuck up. u just want to be interesting here pretending to know something u don’t even tell, accusing people to talk about nasty things without any facts or proofs, but guess what? u just are doing the exact saaaaame thing! how does it make u feel?? better??? my advice : next time u feel the need to write something that makes no point at all, i suggest u kindly stop yourself and think before proceeding (well if only u could). now if u have nothing really relevant to say : i suggest u peace off.

          1. fair enough, opinions are allowed, as long as i’m fine with my little self, i just have one reply to both of you (or may i presume to you who has chosen 2 differents nicknames, rolf) : how about you\yourselves? my guess : you won the jackpot, idiot, moron and imbecile all combined in one person. is it hard to handle? i bet you didn’t even noticed. wish you long life to eventually realise it! bye

    2. First of all, Tony, what we have is not necessarily “facts” but a carefully worded press release designed with the sole purpose of portraying one side as a compassionate, supportive, caring victim and the opposing side as a sneaking snake in the grass (to borrow inspiration from above.) While there’s nothing WRONG with releasing a statement like that per se, we can hardly consider it either balanced or the final word. It’s a press release.

      And I always find it kind of laughable when a porn producer, the man who OWNS all the images and will continue to make money on the boys in perpetuity and has RECEIVED a lucrative and tangible asset in return for payment, tearfully paints himself as a “benefactor” who has been ill used by his charges. Cry me a river. You paid for sex, you got sex and now you OWN the sex and can make money on it as long as there’s an internet; account balanced.

      Not to mention the fact that feeling the need to air your dirty laundry in public in hopes of winning hearts and minds in a make believe PR war is just plain tacky.

      While we’re at it, as someone who’s democratic nature usually sympathizes with the worker over the factory owner, I naturally have questions as something about this really nags at me. On one hand, we have Jaxson painting himself as a charitable, DEEPLY caring father figure who would do anything for his “exclusives” (and by “exclusives” I mean models on an exclusive contract which, one would assume, prohibits them from making money filming for anyone else and TIES them to Jaxson for the length of the contract) and then on the other hand he tells us (though I don’t think he intended to) that he doesn’t even pay his glittering, gilded indentured servants a living wage?? He had to go “above and beyond” to “help” this “ungrateful” model (who, do admit, drove a LOT of traffic to that site) and that makes him a put-upon victim? Are you kidding me? Apparently doing ANYTHING to support his exclusives falls just short of paying them what they’re worth in the first place.

      And who gives a fucking 20 year old model ACCESS to confidential financial records in the first place?

      1. andrew, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for what you just wrote!!!! you made my point. exactly the facts that come in mind. we only hear one side of the story (jake jackson’s cockyboys side). and even from that one sided information there still are blurs, many questions non answered and things that are illogicals. how come a simple performer could have access to your confidential documents, if what he did was that bad why the hell don’t you just go to trial and get yourself justiced instead of crying a river over the internet, go check it out with your lawyer… there’s explanation for everything and i’m sure both sides have their point of view. the sad thing is that now jett is stamped liar everywhere without even having his point made. always this balance of power between boss and employee. sigh.

  25. ooooohhh god!!! pleeeaseeee, hard to beleive u zach “A source tells The Sword that Jett Black was terminated for a variety of offenses, including his attempt to secretly share CockyBoys’ confidential financial records with a struggling rival studio.”, commonnnnn, really guys?????? do u really picture jett blake stealing and sharing confidential financial records????? u really believe that???? so he has access to cockyboys CONFIDENTIAL FINNCIAL records?????? u really beleive that????? common jake jackson, rj sebastian, benmorecock how could u 3 be fooled at that point?????? my guess is : u haven’t been fooled at all and this is just IMPOSSIBLE!!!! jett black could not have done that whatever the fuck u think he did, get over it, jett black angel face couldn’t possibly have done that!!!!! i’m not listening to any other statement. stop it! period.

    1. If there’s one thing you should probably know about Zach – which apparently you do not – is that Zach never publishes articles here without credible due-diligence for the facts. At least that’s my view.

      1. don’t get mad, i know that, and zach has my total unconditional trust and respect. now the point i was trying to make was\is i really can’t get it, just unbelievable for me picturing jett black doing what’s written. i didn’t mean to effend zach in any way, i just can’t believe the unbelievable. hope i made myself clearer now? chill out guys! my opinion :))

          1. i’ll drink to that, :)))

            i’ll stand by cutie angel face beautiful hair jett black no matter what, can’t help but loving him! drooling…

    2. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but his baby angel face could do a lot of things… I know for a fact cause I know him IRL and slept with him too when he was younger… He’s been fired several times before in Denmark for stealing… He lies to people if it benefits him, he exploid guys if it’s in his best interest and so on and so on… I hold no grudge against him AT ALL and I’m not writing this to backstab him!!! And would still talk to him no matter what, cause he never did anything to hurt me – Just don’t be fooled by his looks though they are amazing!! He has hurt a lot of people for his own gain :-/ …

  26. Goddammit what a lot of drama from a bunch of dumb whores and the guys who profit off them.

    I love porn.

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