Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya

CockyBoys Debuts ‘Made in Mexico’ Series with 2 Studio First-timers

CockyBoys has already had huge success filming and finding hot talent in Mexico—look no further than super-cute bottom Alex Gonzalez, who has bent over for the hot cocks of Roman Todd, Kane Fox and Tristan Hunter. Now with the debut of the new series Made in Mexico, the studio is at it again.

Shot in Mexico City, the series is intended to introduce us to a new group of Mexican and South American CockyBoys. In the first installment, we get to see two studio first-timers: Abraham Shehell, who we’ve seen in a few scenes at Lucas Entertainment (including this very hot threesome); and Alfonso Osnaya, who’s had a very prolific few years—also performing at Lucas Entertainment (watch him get destroyed by Dom King in this even hotter threesome), a few scenes at Hot House, and many other studios.

Chriss Murphy, Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya

Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya

We also get a look at Chriss Murphy, who sadly doesn’t partake in the actual sex here (an upcoming episode in this series, I assume), but shows up in the opening interviews—where the chemistry between Abraham and Alfonso is immediately apparent. “Take it all…don’t be shy,” smiles Abraham (a ridiculously sexy smile, by he way) as Alfonso helps himself to that cock. “Fuck, I love this cock!” he smiles, a string of spit connecting his wet mouth to the shaft as he strokes the top’s big cock.

Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya

Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya Abraham Shehell, Alfonso Osnaya

After planting his nose to Abraham’s pubes in a hot suck sesh, Alfonso offers up his hole, continuing to deep throat him in a 69 where he gets his hole munched. Abraham then fucks him deep, the hottest sequence finding the bottom on his back. The top fucks a big load out of Alfonso, using it as lube to continue ramming his hole before creaming on it and diving back in again.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


6 thoughts on “CockyBoys Debuts ‘Made in Mexico’ Series with 2 Studio First-timers”

  1. Basically, studios are finding ways to cut costs by hiring foreigners for what I’m sure cheaper rates. DAMN.

    1. Funny, I don’t see you complaining when they’re hiring “foreigners” from Europe. Oh, wait …

      1. Im not complaining I’m just stating how studios are in the red trying to pay less. And of course I started noticing that trend when the studios started to hire Spanish production and especially those Brazilian gangbangs which I’m sure they pay 1/3 of what it would cost to film those in the states.

        Also why arent you up in arms about these studios taking your job to hire foreigners instead?

    1. I beg to differ, the sensual kissing was HOT, the hand going into that jeans : sensual and HOT, both are cute (Osnaya is my new llatino twink obession)….so yes to these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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