Get ready to see Max Ryder and Jake Bass on the big screen. And get ready to die seeing Jake Bass and Ricky Roman have sex.

After last year's sold out festival screenings and a James Franco endorsement for NakedSword's I Want Your Love, it's clear that audiences (and critics) are more than willing to accept adult-themed features on the big screen, right alongside family dramas, short films, and documentaries. This summer, the line between mainstream and adult is blurred even more as CockyBoys' RoadStrip will screen at the QFest film festival in Philadelphia.

I'm told a condensed and less sexually explicit version of RoadStrip is what will screen on July 20th, meaning the 82-minute festival edit will be all about the Max Ryder/Jake Bass relationship (which is what I loved most about it to begin with) and less about the cum shots (though you can always see those here).

That the feature was accepted into QFest on the strength of the story alone and sans porn is another feather in CockyBoys' cap for 2013, seeing as their previous Max/Jake vehicle, Project Go Go Boy, just won the Grabby for Movie of the Year.


In RoadStrip, CockyBoys writer/director Jake Jaxson, along with his partners-in-business-and-in-life Benny Morecock, and R.J. Sebastian (who also lensed), creatively fuses gay pornography along with experimental art, cinema verite and raunchy reality, and have fashioned one of the season’s most visually arresting and exciting (s)experiences.

Attending this very special world premiere event in person for a Q&A will be CockyBoys models Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter and Ricky Roman, along with studio owners Jaxson, Sebastian and Morecock. Moderating the entire panel will be PAPER Magazine Editorial Director, fashion icon and well-known lover of all things gay porny Mickey Boardman.

Immediately following the Q&A you’re invited to come to Voyeur Nightclub for RoadStripping with the CockyBoys – a night of debauchery certain to go down in party infamy.

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CockyBoys just released a Jake Bass/Ricky Roman flip-fuck, and seeing them together just made my brain explode. Good. Bye.

[CockyBoys: Jake Bass & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck]