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CockyBoys Officially Signs An Exclusive Contract With Olivier Robert

Well, this should come as a shock to no one! CockyBoys just signed an exclusive contract with ginger hunk Olivier Robert!

For those who need a quick catchup on Olivier’s journey with CockyBoys, he originally made his big studio debut back in September in a hot scene with Gabriel Clark. Then just earlier this month, the studio released his second CockyBoys scene where he gets his hole fucked raw by Manuel Skye.

So is it a shock that this unbelievably hot man who is constantly making videos with CockyBoys just signed on as a CockyBoys exclusive? No, it’s not. Are we still obsessed with this decision and actively excited to see him in as many videos as possible? Fuck yes.

“By working with CockyBoys, I wanna share with anyone watching my scenes that you can be vulnerable, but feeling powerful. That you can be sexual, but feel loved. That you can enjoy as much sex as you want, but not taking yourself too seriously doing that,” Olivier said in a statement. “Because what matters, is what makes you happy, keeping in mind the due respect and communication with your partner(s), and the definition and respect of your own boundaries. Otherwise, what’s the point of making love? Porn is an act. Sex is animal. Love is the key.”

With the announcement of his exclusive contract, the studio teased a new scene with the star that’s set to drop on December 3. The scene will feature him topping Falcon exclusive model Skyy Knox. This video will mark the first time we’ve ever seen Olivier top someone, so we’re pretty excited to see how good his stroke game is. I mean, if he’s able to top as well as he can take a dick, then we’re about to be blessed with an excellent scene.

You can check out Olivier’s two scenes over on CockyBoys right now and be sure to head back over to the site when his scene with Skyy drops early next month.


8 thoughts on “CockyBoys Officially Signs An Exclusive Contract With Olivier Robert”

  1. I know this is nothing new, but gay porn being littered with gay-for-pay, bisexual etc Muscle Men has made porn completely unappealing to me. I’ve found myself watching less and less of it for this very reason. I think it sends a bad message that if regular gay men irl don’t look like these porn models, there is something wrong with them. There is more than one type of man out there and gay porn needs to explore it more. I’ve heard nary a story of men dying trying to achieve this perceived ideal look of a man. This is heartbreaking to me.

    1. I found out when Manuel Skye was fucking him he was not comfortable with it and Manuel was being so gentle and then the fucking looked so made up and same with the first scene and now I understand this guy looks definitely Bisexual and more like a Gay for Pay kinda guy and even has a Girl friend who knows! They are bringing drag queen and women with big boobs into gay porn and The term homosexual means men who is sexually attracted to another men and thats why I watch gay porn and they have already introduced Men fucking Trans men and Bisexual porn into this and why don’t they make it a separate thing like the straight porn!

    2. Yeah it’s def causing psychological and self-esteem issues in gay men. I think that’s why amateur stuff like onlyfans is having a resurgence because people want diversity and these studios just don’t get that.

    3. You guys are talking out of your ass. I know “Olivier” from our time in engineering school and he’s definitely gay, he’s definitely out, he has a fiancé, and he’s a gay rights advocate in STEM. He just does porn on the side and is most definitely not gay-4-pay. If you’re not into the casting/performance, fair, you’re just not into the casting/performance, but don’t go mixing in your own body insecurities, biphobia and femphobia; that shit is on you, not the studios.

      1. THANK YOU! Seems like everybody is an expert on other people’s lives and want to dictate what is or isn’t “acceptable”. Hell, they can’t even separate fantasy from reality.

    4. Nary, most often used in the phrase “nary a” to mean “not a single,” is an 18th-century alteration of the adjectival phrase “ne’er a,” in which ne’er is a contraction of never.

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