CockyBoys’ One Direction Parody Premieres With a Lukas Grande Spitroast

Though not the first gay porn outfit to make the One Erection joke with regard to boy band One Direction, CockyBoys is the first American studio to do so, and now we have an explanation for why Allen King was in all the promo materials but doesn’t seem to appear in much of the actual film.

We saw the teaser last month, with Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Liam Riley, and Kody Stewart playing four members of the supposedly straight boy band New Direction — but even in the world of porn parodies it’s laugh-out-loud hilarious to imagine someone mistaking Liam Riley for straight.

Now in the new trailer, we get a clip of Allen King pulling a Zayn Malik and quitting the band — I’m guessing because he had to fly back to Europe before they could get this shoot rolling but after they shot the promo stuff?


Director Jake Jaxson, who appears here as “documentary filmmaker Jake Jaxson,” gushes in the site copy, “Our troupe of actors in this series are delivering performances that are unmatched in the adult industry!” Also, he says, “While making this film, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. And in doing so, I fell back in love with the reasons why I love being a pornographer — for me, sex and laughing often produce the same result, and I find sometimes that, like many, I get so caught up in the day-to-day, the fight of life, and the getting there, that I forget to be present to the funny and fun parts of my life.”

Sex can be funny, for sure, but if sex and laughing produce the same result, are you doing it right?

We also get a further clip of the actual porn shoot that the New Direction boys accidentally interrupt, which is a threeway between a pizza boy, played by Lukas Grande, and daddies Trenton Ducati and Rikk York.

Then it turns into a train fuck.








[CockyBoys: One Erection, Part 1]


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