blonde guys jacking off

CockYourVote: Broderick or Rainier

Not all blondes are created equal. And neither are all loads.

I don’t know if the on-lookers qualify as a “studio audience,” but they were almost as turned on by Broderick’s beach ball bingo as he was.

Then Rainier said he was turned on because “my girl and best buddy” were right outside his door. Maybe they can explain how he had that much cum stored up.

It’s Broderick or Rainier in today’s CockYourVote.

First up, Broderick from Sean Cody

blonde guys jacking off
Broderick is a beefy, gay guy with a major exhibitionistic streak which made for his streaking on the beach and pounding out his first load right up his alley. He seems to go for the guys who would be members of the Duck Dynasty fan club than Sean Cody. Then again, he also says he’s a top. With that stubby dick on the front but that spectacular ass on the back, he might want to rethink that.

[Watch the “Broderick at Sean Cody” feature]

Now, we have Rainier from ChaosMen

blonde guys jacking off
Like an Aryan from Darien, Rainier looks every inch what “a German/Czech mutt” would like with golden hair and piercing blue eyes. His body doesn’t seem to have seen a razor.

blonde guys jacking off
Additionally, from the size of the load he spews out, that nice pretty cock of his has been getting a lot less attention that a dick this pretty deserves.

[Watch the “Rainier at ChaosMen” feature]

You have seen the evidence. Are you #TeamBlonde or #TeamAmbition:

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