CockYourVote: Cowboy or Reverse

Whether you are about his face or doing an about-face all depends on how he sits on your dick.

Hung like one or not, think of the top as the horse. Think of his dick as the saddle and the bottom as the rider. Unlike a horse, however, unless the top is rock hard, his dick isn’t going to get ridden, it’s going to get crushed. But when that tower of power and it’s desired target are both open for business, it’s both a feast for the eyes and the prostate.

Today’s CockYourVote wants to know when it comes to sliding, which way are your riding: Cowboy … or Reverse?

cockyourvote cowboy reverse
Micah Brandt plays “The Bone Ranger” to Brayden Allen’s “Silver” for HotHouse.

cockyourvote cowboy reverse
The “feast for the eyes,” is perfectly demonstarted as Aitor Bravo has a seat on Ansony at TimTales.

cockyourvote cowboy reverse
And for the very skilled, Ryan Rose, and the very brave, Draven Torres, standing cowboy can be the ultimate “feast for the prostate.”

Cowboy … or Reverse?

cockyourvote cowboy reverse
One of the advantages of reverse cowboy is particulary suited to well hung bottoms like Jack King so their donkey dicks can go full helicopter as his did riding NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor.

cockyourvote cowboy reverse
Likewise over at Sean Cody, Porter and Chase clearly roll in reverse.

cockyourvote cowboy reverse
Of course another advantage of reverse cowboy is that stay connected from both ends. The only drag about turning your back on Jack Harrer would be not being able to see that face. Darius Ferdynand figured out to how to get head from both ends in “International Playboys”.

Now it’s your turn so take a stand on having a seat

5 thoughts on “CockYourVote: Cowboy or Reverse”

  1. Definitely, without hesitation, cowboy, because both men can see each other’s facial expressions, make great, sexy eye contact , hear the moans and groans of a big cock inside a tight hole and even some kissing, too, to make the scene more hotter. Now put two bears/otters/or men with some good chest hair/hairy chests to feel and pull on while riding and you got a major explosion from me. ;)

  2. Is better to see reverse cowboy because is beautiful when the bottom knows what he is doing. If he is hot, knows how to ride and is hard is the best ever. Jack Hunter example is a bad one because that dick is flopping around not hard and that is not pretty. I will always found funny that everyone in this bussiness is trying so hard to sell us Jack Hunter when he is the most boring model ever and also, as proven here, he can’t stay hard.

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