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CockYourVote: Frankie or Thomas?

It’s the Caribbean Cooler V. College Boy Heat. Which one makes you CockYourVote?

After Dimitry, Brysen, and the off the charts cum-eating festival of Big Jack getting deflowered Big Jess, where do we go from there?

Today we get our answer in the form of two brand new Monday men we hope don’t prove to be one nut wonders.

Watch, look, listen, stroke, then CockYourVote.

First up, Frankie from Sean Cody:

straight guys jack off videos

“Uncut, baby. Natural,” Frankie says, talking about his dick. “And I know how to use it.” Born in the Caribbean and raised in NY, Frankie is an intriguing mix. He’s very comfortable on camera with the confidence, sexual charisma, and physical assets to back it up. He likes being watched and that shows as he pounds his cock to two nice loads. “I’m the guy who will try anything once,” Frankie offers to the camera. Here’s hoping he’s ready to put his cock where his mouth is.

[Watch “Frankie” the solo at Sean Cody]

Sean Cody has a special anniversary offer with their lowest price ever. This is available until October 10th:
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And now we have Thomas from Corbin Fisher

straight guys jack off videos

“I’ve done a few things,” Thomas tells us, leaving to our imagination what those things might be. Except one: manscaping. “I’m so hairy, it just grows back.” Smart boy. Trimmers should be left in the hands of professionals and he might want to visit one for the mop on his other head. As for the southern head, that pole looks nice and tasty on his tight, compact body. Any volunteers?

[Watch “Thomas” the solo at Corbin Fisher]

35 days until Election Day so let’s practice:

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