CockYourVote: Outside or Inside?

When it comes to dicking, do you like your sticking where the sun don’t shine?

Fucking and sucking is for just about everyone. The “great outdoors,” not so much. Granted for a while there, SPF seemed like it stood for “Standard Poolside Fuck.” But once that locale expanded to include the likes of the Aegean Ocean, or down on the farm, or burying things in the desert, those hotel rooms and pre-fab scenes can seem confining.

Which one makes you CockYourVote: Outside or Inside?

porn star sean zevran
When exectured properly, the standard “Standard Poolside Fuck” is anything but standard.

porn star sean zevran
Then again, outside or inside, Gabriel Cross and Sean Zevran are anything but standard.

guysinsweatpants bareback
Even those fuckers at GuysInSweatpants are divided on the issue.

guysinsweatpants bareback
But since it is Austin Wilde’s GuysInSweatpants, “inside or outside” may have a different connotation to those barebackers.

diego sans tobias tarzan gay
Diego Sans and Tobias found it a real jungle out there.

ryan rose and carter dane
While Carter Dane and Ryan Rose seemed to bring the outdoors in along with the loads.

So perhaps the BelAmi boys are trying to tell us that that it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish that really matters:

[Watch the “Last Summer in Greece”]

With this information in mind and your dicks in hand, what say you?

2 thoughts on “CockYourVote: Outside or Inside?”

  1. Indoors, always. And preferably in a bed. When they’re in uncomfortable places i suffer for them and i can’t get into it.

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