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CockYourVote: Vincent, Calan, or, Justis

Today’s hottie horserace: are you #TeamScruff, #TeamBuff, or #TeamMuff?

The pile-up of porn from Friday continues today with something we don’t often get on the Monday Solo Showdown, a trifecta of hunks that would be a welcome addition to anyone’s quality personal time.

First, we’ll meet the meat then it’s time to CockYourVote as to who is hot, hotter, and the hottest.

Getting us started today, we have Vincent from Sean Cody

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“What doesn’t turn me on?” Vincent wonders out loud. I like this guy already. “If a dude has a huge beard,” Vincent proudly states, “I will fucking attack him right on the spot.” Looking at Vincent’s scruff, there are many who would like to attack right on the spot although that big honker of a dick might be the where they start. Or the hairy legs. Or how that curvy dick plumped up when it was toy time. Will we get to see what happens when that toy is replaced with the real thing?

[Watch Vincent at Sean Cody now]

Next up, “up” being the operative word, Calan from Corbin Fisher

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Calan is a “friend” of Corbin Fisher star model, Quinn. They hooked up met at this year’s Pride. Calan has a lot going for him. As if that ripped body and a winner of a smile wasn’t enough, he’s a charmer too. He shares that he thinks his, “butt might be too big.” “‘Blasphemy!’ – that ass is spectacular!” adds Harper. “We agree,” adds The Sword. This is one camera cherry popping that won’t come soon enough.

[Watch Calan at Corbin Fisher now]

Rounding things out, there is Justis from ChaosMen

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Justis is a tall, lean blonde with a big piss slit that constantly drips precum. On the flipside, a virgin ass dusted in golden fur. Justis identifies as straight and reportedly has never experimented with a guy. He says he’s, “down to swap oral, and would even try fucking or getting fucked.” Next week, we’ll find out if he sucks. literally.

[Watch Justis at ChaosMen now]

The time is now: CockYourVote as to who is hot, hotter, and hottest

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