colby keller experience

The Colby Keller Experience: Adam Ramzi Edition

Experiencing Colby Keller is a dream of many men. For Adam Ramzi, that dream comes true today.

Porn stars dream about other porn stars too. The one they seem to dream about most is Colby Keller. NakedSword Originals first turned Tommy Defendi’s fantasy into a reality in “Dream Team.” Today, it’s Adam Ramzi who has The Colby Keller Experience.

“He fucked the living hell out of me is what happened.” ~Adam Ramzi

When we first looked at the exclusive pictures of Colby and Adam taken on the set, the explosive chemistry between them foreshadowed the explosive reality we’ll see in their opening scene of “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” premiering later today on NakedSword.

colby keller experience

Enjoy your day. Meet me back here later and we’ll unpack the scene. Colby Keller, Adam Ramzi, and “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” will guarantee you’ll enjoy your night.

5 thoughts on “The Colby Keller Experience: Adam Ramzi Edition”

  1. I recently viewed Adam Ramzi in a scene with Tommy Defendi. Of all Adam’s scenes, I found that his scene with Defendi was the all time best. I could clearly see that both men had mutual lust and desire for each other. The scene sizzled.
    As for Mr Keller: He also delivers fine performances. When he was clean shaven , he delivered his best scenes(ie: with Cliff Rhodes). Viewing Mr. keller now would be ok if he would just shave off his unkept beard. It is not a pleasant experience watching him now.

  2. I love these guys there are amaizing…. Colby is such a great top I really see him fuck someone. Adam R is perfect his charismatic personality make that scene even more incredible

  3. There is something both beautiful and eerie/sinister about Adam. He reminds me of a good looking psychopath in a made-for-TV movie. He looks like he’ll fuck you, then snap your neck. The best and last orgasm you’ll ever have.

  4. Miley likes it

    Wow he had explosive chemistry with another costar. He feels validated but really I think it just means he’s a total whore. Hope we don’t have to read about it in an upcoming blog.

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