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Colby Keller Gets High On HBO Then Gets Down With Diego Sans

If you watched the premiere of HBO’s “High Maintenance” Friday night, you saw Colby Keller almost fucking. On today, you’ll see Diego Sans fucking him with no “almost” about it.

No, it wasn’t your eyes playing tricks on you Friday evening. Bob the Drag Queen and the sexual stylings of gay porn’s free-sprit and intellectual love-child for the ages, Colby Keller were featured in HBO’s “High Maintenance”.

And while cable can go farther than standard TV fare, it’s on today where Diego Sans does things to Colby Keller HBO would love to air, but can’t. Like pounding a huge load of cum out of him before jetting one out even bigger.

colby keller hbo high maintenance diego sansWe first posted about Colby’s inclusion in “High Maintenance” last month in Stall Wall article. In a nutshell, the series is about, “A city of strangers with one connection;” they all have the same pot delivery guy.

As zap2it summed it up, “The inflection point comes, via Grindr, in the form of good-natured Sebastian (Colby Keller) a rando who pulls Max away from his disordered home life. In one of the series’ best scenes to date, and certainly true to life, a high aerobic session of anonymous sex turns itself, immediately after, into a romantic meet-cute.”

[meet-kyoot] Originating in the 1940’s, a meet cute is a fictional scene in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing. Rex Cameron recently wrote exclusively for The Sword about his “Meet Cute with Sebastian Kross.”

colby keller hbo high maintenance diego sans1Diego Sans didn’t write about his “Meet Cute” with Colby Keller. He acted it out under the always stellar direction of Marc MacNamara. When these two team up, the sparks and the cum fly like fighter jets. When you add Colby Keller into the equation, all the more so.

colby keller hbo high maintenance diego sansA little mix up at the dry cleaners leads to a hook up that has been much too long in the making. Finally given the chance to fuck, Diego and Colby go at each other like they are on a sexual playground with an all-day pass.

colby keller hbo high maintenance diego sans Given the incredible dynamics going on, it’s no surprise the fucking is off the wall intense, and frequently off the mattress. Diego Sans once again can throw a mean fuck in positions most guys wouldn’t dream up much less be able perform in. He pounds a heavy load out of Colby and then throws one of his famous jizz blasts that hits Colby right in the kisser.

[Watch Colby Keller & Diego Sans in “Meet Cute” at]

6 thoughts on “Colby Keller Gets High On HBO Then Gets Down With Diego Sans”

  1. Damn! I love Colby. Enjoying mainstream success and continuing to do porn send such a sex-positive message. I admire him so much. He’s hotter than ever and such a cool guy.
    This guy really deserves to be called a porn STAR.

  2. Mmmm i did not realise how stupid fucking shit it Diego (wait I did a long time ago). I did not watch new scene from since idk when but as i see nothing new Diego fuck in same poses and fuck fuck fuck fuck ….weel if is that not boring then idk what.
    GO fuck ur fucking shit mother DS and die

      1. Ohhhh whore please go and fuck ur own ass with some BIG FAT cock or maybe just go and search ur daddy to fuck u as he does when u were young

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