Cole Comes Back to Sean Cody Specifically To Get Fucked By Brodie

After doing just two scenes and a solo a full two years ago, twinky Sean Cody model Cole is back tonight getting his ass plowed by Brodie.

So the story/copy goes, Sean Cody, the individual, bumped into Cole on the street somewhere in San Diego, and Cole said he thought Brodie was “so hot” and “I love everything about him.”

Big, manly Brodie was apparently happy to oblige — and I’m starting to think Brodie doesn’t live so far away from the Sean Cody headquarters, or have much else to do, and does his girlfriend really not care?

Anyway, he and Cole fuck in the shower and then all over the house, and Cole does look pretty goddamn turned on to get drilled by a big dude like Brodie.

(Scene goes live in a few hours, but here’s a peek below.)

And, speaking of “cumbacks,” Sean Cody has been teasing that somebody’s coming back to the site after a two and a half year hiatus, with their last scene on October 31, 2013. It is almost definitely Liev, as Queer Pig and I agree, since the scene published on that date was a Liev-Arthur scene, and Arthur has gone on to become Falcon model Ricky Decker.





[Sean Cody: Brodie and Cole] (Live later on 1/20 or early 1/21, depending on time zone)

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