Cole Connor, Greg Riley

Cole Swallows Pole On A Public Beach

Do I probably rhyme Cole Connor’s first name with “hole” and “pole” a little too often? Yep. Does that mean I’m going to slow down anytime soon? Definitely not – and especially not for this latest episode of The Swords: I’m Following You where we get to see Cole use both his hole and pole!

For the scene, the Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive hunk is paired with Greg Riley, the New Arrivals star who just learned in last week’s I’m Following You episode about the existence of a secret society of porn star peacekeepers. Greg immediately uses his confidential info to his advantage as he approaches a naked Cole on the Fire Island beach and tells him that unless he gets help becoming a gay porn superstar, he’ll spill his newfound intel on The Swords to anyone that wants to hear.

Reluctant at first, Cole eventually agrees to Greg’s terms and decides to give him a crash course in how to fuck like a real gay porn star. He even starts the bareback lesson right there on the beach by getting on his knees and sucking off Greg for any passerby to see.

After swallowing down the industry newbie, Cole, his hole, and his pole move inside with Greg where he directs an imaginary gay porn scene and talks Greg through the entire session. He carefully instructs Greg to swallow down every inch of his hard dick and to be mindful of the imaginary camera before the two flip-fuck raw across a lone ottoman. Take a look below at some of the action:

Want more? Check out this entire scene right now on with NakedSword’s Masturbation Month promo and let us know what you think of this latest episode of The Swords: I’m Following You down in the comments!

[Watch I’M FOLLOWING YOU ft. Cole Connor & Greg Riley]


6 thoughts on “Cole Swallows Pole On A Public Beach”

  1. You know Cole was thru a lot last year . Alot of things I would not wish on my worst enemy . Yes he had an eye operation and insurance did not cover and he had other issues too and let’s face it we do not have Universal health care like they do in Europe or Japan and people suffer with medical debt. He is a good guy and yes he makes mistakes. Don’t any of you critics out there ? I mean no one os perfect but he tries so keep your nasty comments on him being a scammer or con artist if he was wouldn’t he be up on charges ? He did go fund me to help pay all his medical bills his insurance does not cover . So back off you do not like him don’t watch him and stop complaining bitches !

  2. Once again we got that fake queen Cole on here. His eye does not look messed up how he claimed it was

  3. Oh, please! Cole “Swindler/Scammer” Connor. Again? I agree with the person the phrase “- No more Cole please”.

  4. We’ve taken a poll: The only role we want to see Cole in is going on a stroll to a knoll, shoving a mole up his hole, then taking a roll down to a shoal and getting his pole stuck in the bole so we don’t have to scroll past him no mo’

  5. Oh joy. Another scene with Cole “the scammer” Connor. Looking a bit out of shape too. Take a break from filming and go back to training. Give us all a rest.

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