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Colton Dreams of Folsom, Damien Ellis Gets Fuzzy, Pheonix is Hungry, Damon Talks Dirty, Boomer & Joel’s Hump Day

In this week’s Social Circle Jerk, Josh Moore gags Ruslan Angelo; Brock Banks plays Nintendo; Tim Kruger toys around; Jax Thirio gets wet; Thyle Knoxx is so mask; Eddy CeeTee goes fishing; Wesley Woods gives great head; and more!

Here’s some fun things from the last week or so on social media. Who has your favorite post? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

1. Josh Moore gags Ruslan Angelo

See more of Josh at Falcon!

2. Boomer Banks & Joel Someone have a Happy Hump Day!

See more of Boomer at Raging Stallion and more of Joel at JustFor.Fans!

3. Brock Banks & Brogan play Nintendo

See more of Brock at CockyBoys!

4. Damon Andros is a dirty talker!

See more of Damon at NakedSword!

5. Speaking of dirty talkers…

6. Tim Kruger soaks his toy

See more of Tim at Timtales!

7. Colton Reece dreams of Folsom

See more of Colton at Falcon!

8. JP goes hands free!

See more of JP at JustFor.Fans! 

9. Pheonix is hungry

See more of Pheonix at Helix!

10. Speaking of great rim jobs…

11. Jay Edge gets horny at work

See more of Jay at JustFor.Fans!

12. Thyle Knoxx is so mask

See more of Thyle at Masqulin!

13. Damien Ellis goes plush

See more of Damien at Helix!

14. Morgxn is so Thicke!!!

See more of Morgxn at JustFor.Fans!

15. Jax Thirio makes us wet

See more of Jax at Falcon!

16. Chris Stewart has great lederhosen

17. Eddy CeeTee goes fishing

See more of Eddy at JustFor.Fans!

18. Rick Starrr is minty fresh!

19. Squirt of the Week: Lasagna DelRey

20. Smirk of the Week: Tyler Hylls

See more of Tyler and Kayden at JustFor.Fans!

21. Cain Marko cracks me up!

See more of Cain at Raging Stallion!

22. Wesley Woods gives great head


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#tbt 2016 @macksturgis @chadnewlon (still one of my favorites)..

A post shared by Wesley Shane Woods (@thewesleywoods) on

See more of Wesley at Falcon!


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