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Colton Grey Gets Shark Dicked By Cameron Diggs

“I like to be entertained. Sometimes, the things that entertain me aren’t necessarily legal.”

That quote comes from Colton Grey in today’s finale of “Fuck You I’m Infamous” from NakedSword Originals. By comparison, he’s a choir boy next to co-star.

Cameron Diggs was arrested eight or nine times – as a juvenile. As an adult, “eight or nine” are his unlucky numbers as well. Five years in prison and one “shark dick” later, Cameron is working on a record of a different kind, busting throats and asses.

colton grey cameron diggs
Infamy usually takes a while in gay porn. Not for Cameron Diggs. Cameron is an unapologetic stud who has paid his dues right down to his dick. “Being a bad boy is something I’ve always been pretty good at it. Comes natural really,” Cameron states the same way most of us rattle off our address. For him, it’s just a given. Same for his ink. “The fun part for me is the tattoos.”

I’m not sure if Colton Grey thinks getting inked is “fun” but despite that cherubic face, playing safe wasn’t always his modus operandi either. Arrested at 14 for stealing liquor, the store owner didn’t that was fun and games. He’s cleaned up his record since then legally speaking. When it comes to being a bad boy as an adult, he acts that out with other boys. Preferably bad ones. Guys exactly like Cameron Diggs.

colton grey cameron diggs
An “almost kiss” leads to lip to cock contact. Colton’s twist and suck technique was just the opening act. With Cameron’s hand on the back of Colton’s head, twist and suck becomes a skull fucking with extended deep-throating. Then things move south.

colton grey cameron diggs
Cameron bends Colton over, rams it in all the way and picks up speed until he’s jackhammering away with Colton’s dick rock hard and leaking in approval.

colton grey cameron diggs
Then the ladder on the wall gets re-purposed as a sexual jungle gym for a couple of bad boys who are anything but playing around. Colton’s nut explodes like a geyser all over his inked belly. One thing we learned in “Fuck You I’m Infamous” about bad boys is what you have to do when they cum for you. After Colton’s face gets pelted with Cameron’s load, their old instincts take over and Cameron has Colton clean up the evidence with his tongue.

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1 thought on “Colton Grey Gets Shark Dicked By Cameron Diggs”

  1. As I said before a few posts on the moderator here…… if that ”bad” nobody knows boy Cameron Diggs was fucked by Colton Grey then the shark will be just eaten by the killer whale (Colton Grey). So lets not dramatic and put that shitty boy here just like that… Colton is far from his level idk even how he was able and agree to have sex with him (good money) maybe…

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