colton grey josh milk flip fuck

Got Milk?

Colton Grey has milk. As in Josh Milk’s milk. And in turn, Josh also got some of Grey’s anatomy all in the quest of “Making Rent”.

Josh Milk doesn’t have to speak English to understand what it means to be in San Francisco with no place to stay and no George Washington’s in his pocket.

But what he has in his jeans speaks the international language that proves to be a real money maker.

As Powerhouse bartender Colton Grey arrives at work, he finds Josh on the doorstep and soon there’s plenty of ass, and cash, to go around.

colton grey josh milk flip fuckFollowing his Best Supporting Actor Award for “Secrets & Lies” at the GayVN’s, Colton Grey put the blue ribbon on 2017 with his stellar dual role in NakedSword Originals’ sex farce, “Paris Perfect”. Josh Milk we haven’t seen since the finale of “Kiss & Tel Aviv” where he put both the blow up doll lips and tight hole of Ken Rodeo to work.

colton grey josh milk flip fuck“The SOMA district of San Francisco brings its fair share of street trade. Colton invites sexy euro boy Josh Milk to help clean in exchange for some quick cash. When Josh goes to the backroom, he catches the eye of Colton. Colton decides to take advantage of the prize left on his doorstep and jumps on Josh’s big uncut cock. The hot young studs take turns sucking dick and fucking ass. After an epic flip-flop, Josh asks for his cash and leaves Colton with face-full of cum and a satisfied smile.”

colton grey josh milk flip fuckWith the clean up complete, it’s time for getting dirty. After a simmering, passionate start, Josh devours Colton’s fat, uncut cock and then Colton’s throat expands in approval as he discovers Josh’s dick is a lot like his own: big, uncut, and hungry.

colton grey josh milk flip fuckBut Josh’s cock will have to wait. Colton foists Josh’s hips in the air, lubes that hole with his tongue, stands Josh up and takes him from behind at full throttle. Then Colton takes his perch on the bench and Josh takes a seat on Colton.

colton grey josh milk flip fuckJosh’s cock is about to have its day. And its way. After Colton twerks his hole on Josh’s tongue, Josh takes his rightful place all the way up Colton’s ass in one non-stop plunge. Josh the fucks a nut right out of Colton then leans down and licks Colton’s dick clean.

colton grey josh milk flip fuckColton does a quick spin around, Josh straddles his head and Colton’s tongue becomes a landing field for Josh’s milk. As Colton rises up, the cum drips off his face onto the floor as snowball swap, and some cold, hard cash, completes the transaction. And there you have it, guys. In San Fransisco, making milk and “Making Rent” are not mutually exclusive.

[Watch Colton & Josh in “Making Rent” scene four, “Hustler” at NakedSword]

What some men won’t do when it comes to “Making Rent”
colton grey josh milk flip fuck
Scene one: “Houseboy” with Brian Bonds & Teddy Bryce
[The Sword review] [Watch at NakedSword]

Scene two: “The Pig Pen” with Ashley Ryder & Teddy Bryce
[The Sword review] [Watch at NakedSword]

Scene three: “Touch Our Junk” with Pierce Paris, Rikk York, & Jason Vario
[The Sword review] [Watch at NakedSword]

It gets better. You can watch “Making Rent” and have full, instant access to the over 20,000 plus scenes at the “Netflix of Gay Porn,” NakedSword, at the lowest price available anywhere.
In an offer exclusive to The Sword, you can see it all for $4.95.


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