Colton Reece, Michael Vente

Colton Reece & His Big Dick Are Back at, Stuff Hottie Michael Vente

It’s been almost a year exactly since Colton Reece surprised us with his fun debut at, his “Accidental Porn Star” pairing with Joey Mills. It showed us a different side of the hung stud after some four years performing in the Falcon | NakedSword family.

Since then, we’ve seen him make some memorable Men returns, including his separate fucks of real-life boyfriends Jake Preston and Clark Reid. You may recall from those hot pairings that Colton likes to shoot huge loads over his bottoms, and that thankfully happens again when he returns to Men for the first time in almost five months. The lucky bottom who gets that cream is Michael Vente, who has been on a roll since his debut in January.

Colton Reece, Michael Vente Colton Reece, Michael Vente

Colton Reece, Michael Vente

This is one of those gloriously “normal” scenes, and I say that in the most flattering way possible. Free of crazy shenanigans and silly story, it just finds the two of these jocks in the bedroom, going at it. And one of the hottest visuals you’ll see is a smiling Colton laying back, hot pits exposed, as he gets his big thick cock slurped. (These two are so sexy!)

Colton Reece, Michael Vente Colton Reece, Michael Vente

Colton Reece, Michael Vente

Then Colton pounds the ripped bottom, whose body looks especially fantastic when he takes it on his back. And at the end, Michael gets his handsome face coated in a big load, opening his mouth wide to taste that hot white wad (look at that gusher!). Please give us more Colton…I need more than one scene every five months!

See the full scene at!


15 thoughts on “Colton Reece & His Big Dick Are Back at, Stuff Hottie Michael Vente”

  1. Colton Reece you suck cock for a living, you are a whore and completely irrelevant. Stay out of politics you piece of shit

  2. Colton’s politics have always been problematic that’s why Falcon dropped him. He cheered on social media when roe was overturned.

      1. ציונים הם נאצים

        Stop equating anti-Zionism with antisemitism. As a Reform Jew, I condemn Zionism. As long as the Israeli government sanctions the stealing of Palestinians’ property and the treatment of them as “other”. That’s fascism. Israel is an apartheid state. Full Stop.

  3. It would be hot to see Colton bending over and taking dick from Jayden Marcos or Damien Night in a flip flop. At least their dicks are not as big as Rhyheim Shabazz big black like he did on Rhyheim’s fan site. At times his dick was hard and at times it was a shrink a dink. He does not have to bottom all the time just periodically like Malik Delgaty.

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