connor maguire fucks jack hunter

Jack Hunter Gets A Royal Fuck From Prince Hairy

The ginger Prince is fifth in line for the throne. Even though there’s a long waiting for his royal scepter, Jack Hunter finds the back door right to the top.

Prince Hairy. AKA Prince Harry. AKA Captain Whales. AKA Connor Maguire. As we saw last time, His Royal Highness is very anxious to shed his royal duties, his clothes, and snap out of army mode with a Vegas holiday. He gave Jack Hunter the slip last time so he could slip his dick into his security guard, Wesley Woods.

connor maguire fucks jack hunter
Today, he’s slipping again. Slipping all the way to his balls inside Jack Hunter.

connor maguire fucks jack hunterRoyal titles aside, Jack Hunter is always the King Dong in the room. Fortunately, the Prince can devour King Dong’s just like they were cream-filled snack food.

connor maguire fucks jack hunterJack takes a long, hard ride on the Royal’s throne until Prince Harry flips him over and takes him from behind.

connor maguire fucks jack hunterJack sprays his load on all over his abs. The Prince aims right at Jack’s mouth as Jack unfurls his tongue like a hungry red carpet for the real royal flush.

[Watch Connor Maguire & Jack Hunter in “His Royal Highness” part 2]

4 thoughts on “Jack Hunter Gets A Royal Fuck From Prince Hairy”

  1. Jack Hunter so fucking hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. O my goodness Conner Maguire who the fuck was that guy… are someone even remember him??? SO boring so stupid as usual. And Jakc Hunter well that boy and his wild open hole and his stupid look are most dumb combination for a scene

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