connor maguire fucks wesley woods

The Ginger Prince Is Back

Our “Prince Hairy” has returned to the blue screen. His first stop: Vegas. His second stop: into the Woods.

One of our favorite gingers and one your favorite power tops is back at Back to where Connor Maguire made gay porn history by being the first bloke to get his dick inside the mouth of Paddy O’Brian. After being a fixture on the site last year, “His Royal Highness Part 1” is only his fifth appearance in 2016.

But he’s back. So is his English accent. And oh yes, the British are cumming.

connor maguire fucks wesley woodsAs you may remember from “A Royal Fuckfest” last Christmas with Theo Ford and Paul Walker, speaking in the King’s English is one of Connor’s perfected skills right along everything his mouth does to a cock and his dick does to an ass.

connor maguire fucks wesley woods
By royal proclamation, Connor is known as His Hairy Highness, Captain Whales aka — Prince Harry. He has arranged for a stateside holiday in Sin City. First, he gives his traveling companion, Jack Hunter, the shake. Then he gives his security guard, Wesley Woods, a taste of the crown jewels.

connor maguire fucks wesley woods
The English are so polite. Stripping down to his Union Jack boxers, Connor is actually the first to go down. All the way down. His hair may be as rusty as ever but the same can’t be said for his ability to inhale a cock with the best of them.

connor maguire fucks wesley woods
After Wesley returns the favor, his hot ass in the air is too much for Connor to resist. Using Wesley’s leg for leverage, he plows inside all the way to his balls. He stays buried deep and fucking like a piston as he flips Wesley on his side, then on all fours. Once last turn over and while there was no international incident, multiple shots were fired in the Prince’s suite.

[Watch Connor Maguire & Wesley Woods in “His Royal Highness” part one]

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