connor maguire fucks will braun

The Ginger Ambition Of Connor Maguire

That beautiful red glow isn’t the summer sky: it’s the sun shining off Connor Maguire’s fire crotch.

It’s only been a little over four months, but it seems like forever since we felt Connor Maguire’s ginger heat. actually slipped him quietly on Sunday with Jason Maddox, Johnny Rapid, and Will Braun in “Stealing Johnny”. But today, Will finally gets his chance to have Connor slipping inside of him in “Straight Guy Pact”.

connor maguire fucks will braun
As for the “Str8” guys bit, of course, it adds nothing but this is and that’s par for the course. Much more important than the plot is that Connor and Will are the real story here. Will looks extra adorkable with his bed head and specs. And even better on the business end of Connor’s throbber.

connor maguire fucks will braun
Connor’s hairy pre-dad bod is as sexy as ever.

connor maguire fucks will braun
And as we can see here, the only thing still rusty from Connor’s sabbatical are his pubes. Will’s hole, additionally, is looking red too by the time is Connor is finished with it. And by the time Connor and Will are finished with each other, it’s Will’s hairless chest that turns another color, a cummier shade of white.

[Watch the full Will Braun and Connor Maguire in “Straight Guy Pact” feature]

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