corbin fishers blog seized feds

Corbin Fisher’s Blog Seized By The Feds

Shades of RentBoy. “This domain is blocked because it was used to spread pornographic content.”

Just as Jeffrey Hurant’s plea deal is about to settle the case, now this. And it doesn’t seem to make more sense. Especially since not, was seized, but their blog? Like the RentBoy case, there’s only speculation as to the why.

Str8UpGayPorn broke the story and points out that U.S.C. § 982 “involve some form of money laundering.” Yes, we’ve heard that before. And seen it.

corbin fishers blog seized fedsThe RentBoy action emanated from the Eastern District of New York and also included U.S.C. § 981.

corbin fishers blog seized fedsToday’s action against Corbin Fisher came from the Southern District of New York and listed only U.S.C. § 982. The fact that Corbin Fisher is officially operated out of Las Vegas only leads to more questions. Same for why the “Global Illicit Financial Team” is involved for a blog that reportedly did not feature X-rated content.

The biggest and most troubling is, “This domain is blocked because it was used to spread pornographic content.” There are hardly the only ones. And even if they were, internet porn is not illegal.

There are no answers at this point. Just a lot of questions. And all of them are troubling.

Watch this blog.

2 thoughts on “Corbin Fisher’s Blog Seized By The Feds”

  1. If the site was taken over by the government, it would be taken down completely. There would not be a partial overlay with an obscure explanation and sheriff badges.

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